September 2016

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'If One Nation continue to tell it like it is, the Greens will walk out ... more times than their founding communist union fathers walked off work sites'

LETTER: One Nation confirms the Greens' hatred of free speech

"Yes indeed - agreed. [It's called 'democracy' I'm told....] The "Brexit" poll in UK has 'em all..."

August 2016

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Graeme Davis OAM on how helping others has helped him come to terms with The Battle of Long Tan.

Long Tan vet gets recognition from helping others

"It's quite understandable over the Vietnamese official reaction to current Long Tan celebration/hype."

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“Civil disobedience has a proud tradition and it’s been shown to be very effective in taking action against governments dragging their feet.”

Lismore councillors support threats to change highway sign

"This sign is definitely misleading and could be dangerous. For once I must agree with Ms Dowell that it..."

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"IN GOOD conscience I can't look at them and say I supported something that would deprive you of your livelihood and income."

MP will not support greyhound racing ban

"Yes, Hang_'em High. Surely that was the all time 'Group Punishment' precedent set in 1996. Now we can..."

July 2016

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POOL opponents fear its restoration could come at the cost of solar projects, the Lismore gallery precinct and even council jobs.

Restoring lake pool could cost jobs and environment projects

"This pool/lake vista was a lovely way for tourists/visitors getting their first glimpse of our town..."

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OPINION: Why must we still bear the consequences?

"There are good and bad in most professions and police in USA or else where are no exception. The BLM..."

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Finally able to celebrate being returned for a second term as the Member for Page, Kevin Hogan says the job ahead is to keep delivering for his electorate

Hogan claims 'great result' in Page

"agree +1. Stop the extreme Greens....."

June 2016

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"JUST about all concerned realise now it’s a protest vote gone horribly wrong."

OUR SAY: Brexit so terribly British

"The EC started with 2 countries after WW2 in a coal/iron-ore deal. Now it has blossomed to 27 with a..."

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Lismore is reaping the benefits of the massive public sector investment into the Lismore Base Hospital and other projects.

Lismore construction boom triggered by hospital upgrade

"There is a great spirit of optimism spreading throughout Lismore and district communities. More good..."

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Australian flying-foxes are becoming more urbanised, and the noise, smell and droppings from their roosts can have huge impacts on local residents.

IS IT POSSIBLE? How to live alongside flying-foxes

"Good rational thought, backed up by real-life experience Bollywood. Now that most orchards are netted..."

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