September 2016

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A GRAND colonial mansion located in the middle of Toowoomba but is not known by many is on the market for the first time in 13 years.

City’s grand colonial mansion you don’t know exists

"This property has been on and off the market fr the last years straight! The owner just has it priced..."

August 2016

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TOOWOOMBA may be a great place to live, work and play, but here are 8 things that we would really not prefer to be known for.

8 things we'd rather Toowoomba wasn't known for

"I hope you aren't talking about the Wellcamp airport? It is a success and is only going to get better."

July 2016

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DAVID Janetzki has claimed victory in the seat of Toowoomba South following the by-election.

LNP claims Toowoomba South with by-election win

"Go and have a chat to him Rai. You might be surprised. He is a decent bloke and will give his all for..."

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The popular independent candidate questioned why she hadn’t had the opportunity to debate her key opponent, LNP candidate David Janetzki.

Di Thorley puts LNP on defensive as campaign heats up

"How do you know that? Have you spoken to David? He has lived in our region for his entire life so he..."

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HOW voters turned their backs on the major parties in the Federal Election is clearly playing on the minds of the LNP ahead of the Toowoomba South by-election.

LNP gets desperate and dirty with attack on Di Thorley

"whoa whoa whoa, Why all the flack against David Janetzki because of something a city politician said???..."

June 2016

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OPINION: There are some problems with the gesticulating (road rage) merging driver’s understanding, as seen on television.

People don't know how to merge properly

"Exactly!!!!! I don't know why people do it but in Toowoomba they do it all of the time!! So..."

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WOULD you be committed to helping residents change council's decision regarding the proposed massage parlour development at 67 Ramsay St?

Help me stop Thai massage parlour in Toowoomba

"yeah, it's going to take business away from the Southtown shopping centre because that's where Zama..."

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<strong>UPDATE:</strong> Toowoomba Regional Council is hoping a scare tactic will force people who owe rates and charges to pay up.

REVEALED: Location of 43 homes to be sold by council

"8 Connell St has actually just been sold. The council will get their rates owed on..."

August 2015

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APART from the likes of Gina Rinehart and James Packer, who wouldn’t be excited to win $60&ensp;million?

$60 million up for grabs, but it’s a lottery

"Because that's not the way the world works! Winner takes all!!!!!!!!!!!"

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