July 2016

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BUSINESS group's rebranded website signals change of direction.

Grafton Chamber of Commerce’s corporate new look

"So, does the Chamber do much else other than spending member's money on these "feel good" initiatives? ..."

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A MEETING with members of the greyhound racing industry has not swayed Mike Baird’s intention to ban the sport across New South Wales.

NSW Premier not backing down on greyhound racing ban

"I don't know how on earth you can make that assertion. A poll of 22,000 shows that 82% of respondents..."

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NSW Government announced its greyhound racing ban a few days after the Federal election and too late for voters to take a stand.

LETTER: Blanket ban unfair treatment on greyhound industry

"OK spare us the snivel and grizzle. Here it is: Australia is one of only 8 countries in the World that..."

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THE CLARENCE Valley could be creating some unforeseen problems by attempting to exploit the influx of Pacific Highway workers arriving here over the next four y

Clarence Valley Council warned on worker accommodation

"Come along now, for heaven's sake - this issue was bruited and agonised over here on line at least two..."

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ALMOST a week after more than 15 million Australians cast their votes, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull looks set to secure the Coalition a narrow majority.

Coalition set for a narrow win in lower house

"What a giggle, unless they get a move on they'll still be counting when the next election is called. ..."

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NSW Fair Trading has issued a warning to Yahoo! customers to be aware of a scam email asking for personal details.

Scammers targeting Yahoo! customers

"Some time ago I decided to block ALL yahoo mail simply because of the amount of SPAM and SCAM material..."

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Fisherman make last ditch effort before the local election to save their right to access a four-wheel-drive path on Angels Beach in Ballina.

Fishers spit chips over 4WD track closure

"Predictably the seemingly legless will scream. For my part I see few things more ridiculous than a 4wd..."

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VOTERS were told they would be signed off the electoral roll but would not be able to cast a ballot.

Cowper candidates question missing ballot papers

"Introduce digital voting? Don't you realise that this would disenfranchise virtually every National..."

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FEDERAL ELECTION 2016: Still too close to call

"It seems to me that with all the wrangling occurring within the Parties that the AEC deserves a bit of..."

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The right wing of politics could well be the saviour. It is the lefties in Greece that engineered that country’s demise.

LETTER: The right wing are the ones to save Australia

"Her support is a simplistic protest vote, she's uneducated, not too bright but forceful when making..."

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