November 2016

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NEWS that Adani will consider Gladstone workers for its new Carmichael Mine is certainly encouraging.

OPINION: No, Adani FIFO work isn't ideal. But it's better than nothing

"If you live in Gladstone and want to work for Adani at Carmichael, it will almost certainly be 100%..."

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A CENTRAL Queensland backbench Labor MP has torn into his own government for not stepping in to help those hit hardest by mine-site sackings.

"3000 empty houses": Labor MP takes swipe over pain

"If the removable mining camps didn't exist, and the employees put back into the houses the towns would..."

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A CFMEU spokeswoman says Anglo American has told employees it will announce 83 forced redundancies at its German Creek mine next week

Anglo will announce German Creek mine redundancies next week: Union

"thewombats might instead consider that market prices have improved significantly to reflect Japanese..."

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MORE than 20% of Brisbane's workforce may stem from the resource sector but calling it the state's biggest mining town is "absolute rubbish”.

Brisbane declared states 'biggest mining town'

"... and as another recent report shows the LOCAL jobs have been displaced from the original mining..."

October 2016

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THE fight to get the Adani regional headquarters in Mackay, Townsville or Rockhampton stalls for Rockhampton after its state MP fails to advocate

Adani headquarters fight narrows as MP fails to back bid

"If Carmichael happens do a proper job and build-up Mt Coolon as the multi-purpose service hub for gold..."

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Council discussed the company's plans to close rail crossings in CQ, including one which gave some of the only access to a property.

Strelow slams Aurizon for not paying rates

"Well the key point taken from this article is to question why Section 93 of LG Act should apply. In..."

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A REPORT estimates hidden subsidies from the Queensland Government to the coal mining industry, in the form of the value of groundwater accessed for free.

Groundwater mining companies access worth $100m: report

"Most interesting to hear that corporate welfare is alive and strong, with Adani and GVK being latest in..."

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George Christensen fears that Hillary Clinton will embroil Australia in to a war with Russia.

Christensen fears Hillary Clinton will send us to war

"Actually George, the Yanks have four(4) Presidential choices on every ballot in every US state, and..."

September 2016

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THE GOVERNMENT has released fresh CCTV footage of the moment a suspected meteor lights up Gladstone's sky.

WATCH: Government footage of 'fireball' lighting up sky

"Well there you go that was what it was I spotted something bright from near Tieri and thought it..."

August 2016

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LNG produced at APLNG is behind a massive Origin production increase.

Curtis Island's APLNG drives Origin production surge

"So congratulations must go to the multi-national LNG industry... for.... selling our gas for next to..."

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