July 2016

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed the furore around his country's state-backed, systemic doping program.

Putin says Russian bans devalue Games

"I think what Putin means is that the advertising of performance enhancing product generates a large..."

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THE Federal Government is cracking down on welfare fraud, and you may be on their radar.

Centrelink crackdown as taskforce tackles "welfare fraud"

"So what you are saying is you might actually be able to catch the most stupid of the fraudsters. ...one..."

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Katrina Conley recalls the chaos in the streets of Nice during the Bastille Day terror attack last week.

Terror of Nice: "We could hear gunfire behind us"

"Arming citizens is not the answer..just makes it easier for a wack job to kill more people. As the US..."

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OPINION: Why must we still bear the consequences?

"This article trots out stats to support it's point of view, but have you checked. Why are Black people..."

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NSW Government announced its greyhound racing ban a few days after the Federal election and too late for voters to take a stand.

LETTER: Blanket ban unfair treatment on greyhound industry

"It might be that this is a state issue and not a Federal issue, Notice it is only NSW that is doing the..."

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ATTENDING a private school may get you better marks on your report card, but it’s the public school kids who tend to do better at university, an expert says.

THE EXPERT: Public school kids do better at university

"My guess as this was an article about performance at university between public and private school..."

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THE federal election result is on a knife-edge, with the outcome between a majority Turnbull government and a hung parliament.

Major rebuff to Malcolm Turnbull as poll result hovers

"The results as it stands isn't a ringing endorsement of either party, the rise of a larger number of..."

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Saffin bows out of politics: "I did things differently and delivered things that hadn’t been done before."

Labor's Saffin bows out: “I set the standard”

"we might be in for another tilt at it if we end up with a hung parliament anyway...somehow I doubt..."

June 2016

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WHETHER they work because they have to, or work because they want to, mothers continue to fall under the scrutinising eyes of judgmental parents.

THE EXPERT: Stop judging working mothers

"What you don't understand is that the tax you pay isn't just for you..its for all of society, a large..."

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AN OPEN letter to Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten demanding a Fair Go for regional Australians.

Together we're united for 6.8m regional Australians

"Sadly the reality is that it doesn't matter what these minor parties think it will all come down to..."

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