24 July - 23 August

You will try to establish a much more cohesive pattern to your finances from here on in. This is what you call a budget. You may be a little absent-minded if you are so focused on your own personal projects and not considerate of other people today. Be more aware of others’ needs. You will be working towards a better sense of balance in your life today. The inner and the outer harmonise and you are more in control of your mind. Move beyond your typical tastes and flavours and explore what's possible in cuisine. Cooking will be high on your agenda now.


24 August - 23 September

A lover or spouse is unusually demanding now but try to look beneath the surface of what is motivating this behaviour. Are they feeling a little unloved due to your busy schedule? This only takes a little time to reassure them that everything is fine from your end of the relationship. Try it. You can expect sudden changes or upheavals and this has to do with a decision you've made. No one is going to like everything you say or do, so get used to it. Workplace activities can be overwhelming as you try to arrange a new schedule.  


24 September - 23 October

Workplace activities can be overwhelming as you try to arrange a new schedule. Someone may disagree with you and cause you angst. This is a time when you will find renewed passionate energy. Intimacy will be re-awakened and will play an important role in this period of time. You will find great comfort and satisfaction in closeness with others, even when it's simply sharing an open and honest conversation. You need to re-assess your domestic relationships. Get closer to your family and loved ones. If you’ve been avoiding them, they may judge you harshly.  


24 October - 22 November

You could be tired of socialising and one-night stands if you are single. This could be the start of a period of romantic stability. Your mind is a little restless and likely to be erratic in its responses to the demands of loved ones. You must try to see things from their perspective before jumping down their throats. A friend or lover is feeling insecure and you're missing the point if you still think it's about 'being right'. You may win the battle but lose the war, remember that. Ignore false messages that haven't got any basis as it will only cause you to retaliate and create further problems for yourself and others.


23 November - 22 December

You need to reassess your domestic relationships. Get closer to your family and loved ones. If you’ve been avoiding them, they may judge you harshly. Even though you're open to helping people, you may become a sacrificial lamb in the process! Don't allow others to step all over you. You may wish to conduct business at home right now. If it is possible, you will be better able to manage your work and family affairs. Knowledge is power and spending time expanding your mind is never time wasted. A workplace colleague may help you with this.


23 December - 20 January

You don't necessarily have to travel to see the world today. There are indications that literature and your online escapades and the written word may be your ticket to a deeper and broader understanding of the world at large. Someone who admires you may approach you in the guise of requesting some advice. You'll probably sense that there is an ulterior motive but nonetheless you'll feel flattered.


21 January - 19 February

Become acutely aware of your finances, as an oversight now can lead to trouble. If you're careful enough, however, things should go smoothly. This period will also present you with something exciting, if you're alert enough to recognize and seize the opportunity. You could be lax in some of your financial affairs and will need to spend extra time going over the books. Pay more attention to detail and don't be distracted socially. 


20 February - 20 March

You'll endeavour to put more effort into your work and to clean up your act. A harmless criticism could be the catalyst for this. You may be lifted by some unexpected compliments  so don’t act coy or bashful; simply enjoy the feeling of being extra special in someone else’s eyes today. You mustn’t lose your temper now either. You could be livid about an event over which you have had no control. Getting angry will only inflame the situation.  


21 March - 20 April

Your instincts are strong and may cause you to do something that ordinarily would shock you. But once you do this, you will see your courage increase and the respect of others will also. You could however be overly sensitive to the statements of others. You need to understand that taking things personally is only going to 'ruffle your feathers' and create unhappiness. At the moment, you should fall into a comfortable, well-disposed persona around your friends and family. Conversation will flow smoothly and be rewarding and productive. A particular family member may become the source of sudden or unexpected benefits for you in the near future.


21 April - 21 May

You may too charitable by believing that someone's promise is forthcoming. Beware the flatterer - -she or he may be 'feeding you with an empty spoon'.  With your self-image getting stronger now, others may take a swipe at you. Brush it off. You should listen to the advice of your partner when it comes to money matters. Otherwise your pride could actually be your downfall. You need to increase your educational qualifications at this stage. This may not mean tertiary education, but learning new skills in your workplace is essential.


22 May - 21 June

There's a romantic getaway spotlighted for you this week. Catching up with old friends and family members is also on the cards.  Some spiritual activities like meditation will be beneficial if you want to try your hand at it. This will have a marked impact on all your life activities.  You can adapt if you are permitted to do so. Someone wants you to change and is demanding the impossible, which is not going to happen. You could have a problem recollecting an important piece of information that someone’s been waiting for. You might have to admit your fault and let them throw their ‘hissy fit’. Affection and a little self-indulgence may be the keys to keeping a relationship alive. Keep a 'dream diary' of what you want life to bring you.


22 June - 23 July

Even if you receive threatening correspondence or harassing phone calls keep your cool.  Others will be testing your metal to see how far they can push you.  On the other hand trouble on the home front will cause you to react excessively thereby throwing you off centre and negatively impacting upon your sense of responsibility.  Some meditation or the company of calmer people will help you in finding inner peace.  Good news on the grapevine can be expected soon too.  You will be increasing your personal and professional efforts throughout these few days, so try to get even greater clarity to an employer or mentor who can help you fast-track your career. Your energy levels should soar now and you can tackle almost insurmountable tasks but you could be a little tactless in your interactions. Questions of honour, ethics, law or morality arise in your mind at this time, so pay attention to these issues.  

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You will try to establish a much more cohesive pattern to your finances from here on in. This is what you call a budget. You may be a little...

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