September 2015

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IF YOU’RE passing by the Grafton Railway Station today don’t be alarmed if you notice wooden crates filled with bananas being hauled off a steam train.

Steam train brings back bananas and memories

"Another great 'history meets the present' article. Good stuff!"

August 2015

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HISTORY was exposed at Ballina Lighthouse Beach yesterday morning at low tide.

Rare chance to glimpse steam ship wreck at Lighthouse Beach

"Good local historical piece on one of the NCSN Company's oldest ships - thanks! "

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MOTORISTS are being urged to take caution after a diesel spill occurred along an 40km stretch of the Pacific Highway between Wardell and St Helena Hill.

Diesel spill runs along 40km stretch of Pacific Highway

"Hope they prosecute the culprit.....many crashes are caused by "oil spills" - particularly..."

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SOUTH Ballina residents could be forced to fork out an extra $115 each year for a season pass to take their car on Burns Point Ferry.

Burns Point Ferry season ticket fee jumps more than $100

"It always annoys me that "green" people seem to think everyone else should subsidise their lifestyle..."

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WHEN it comes to make-up, there’s no denying I can’t live without it.

Six tips on ways to make your make-up affordable

"Nice post/play on words @halibut !"

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ALEK Skarlatos must have thought the danger from Kalashnikov-wielding gunmen was behind him.

French train heroes tell about beating up terrorist

"I think 'Beating Up" is the wrong term for this - even for a headline. It implies vindictive..."

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PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has vowed to stop environment groups around the country from challenging  mine approvals that may endanger valuable habitats.

Environmental groups to miss out on voice on mining issues

"This sabotage-agenda by "conservationists" is basically the same as someone from another State..."

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SOME of the world’s best shooters converged on the Trenayr Road Shooting Complex on Sunday for round five of the North Coast New England Benchrest Rimfire Series.

Top quality shooters on target in tricky conditions

"A Great international and skillfull target shooting sport - congratulations to Grafton SSAA and..."

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A BALLINA resident has hatched a new theory explaining the spate of great white shark attacks this year – and when the sharks are more likely to strike again.

Late whale season to blame for spate of shark attacks?

"Bait-fish and whales to "blame". Completely natural cycle and no need to panic all you..."

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