May 2015

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JOHNNY Depp, Hollywood superstar and Australia's most high-profile alleged quarantine criminal, has left the country.

Depp departs Australia to escape quarantine quagmire

" I was treated harshly when I brought a brand-new, decorative horse-shoe into Brisbane AP a few years..."

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METGASCO wants to return to Bentley and may be hunting an $80m payout after the government chose to not appeal a court decision over the company's suspension.

Metgasco 'keen and ready to drill' after Govt dumps appeal

"I just knew somehow that the ordinary taxpayer would end up paying for this blatant abuse of..."

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REMEMBER when Teflon was all the rage? We were all jumping up and down because our omelettes and sausages wouldn’t stick to our frying pans.

OPINION: Teflon terror on our hands?

"I have to agree with JH over this shock-horror/publicity-seeking journalistic piece."

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THE SMELL of wood smoke is a sure sign of winter and your local council has some useful tips for those using this kind of heating.

Distinctive scent of wood smoke means Jack Frost is about

"Armidale is worse....."

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WE Aussies often like to boast about how our deadly creatures are so much more deadly than anyone else's but you may be surprised at how true this is.

The world's 10 deadliest animals - and they're all Aussies

"Aussies big-noting themselves, yet again? Try Canada/US with wolves and grizzly bears - or even South..."

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THE ball is rolling on moves to allow NSW residents to check their partners’ backgrounds for a history of domestic violence.

NSW domestic violence register closer to reality

"I hope this goes both ways - with females listed as well as males...?"

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WITH little more than one hundred coastal emus left in the Clarence Valley, sightings are becoming increasingly rare.

Emu numbers still declining in Clarence

"At least we could be seen to be 'doing something' and not simply bewailing their loss through natural..."

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AUSTRALIAN drivers may be driving a long road of frustration as an international recall on potentially-deadly driver airbags comes to our shores.

What is Takata, and what is wrong with my airbag?

"So how "safe" do you feel in your expensive modern cars now, SUV snobs?"

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KYOGLE Council’s general manager, Arthur Piggott, has tendered his resignation to “pursue other employment opportunities”.

Kyogle Council’s general manager resigns

"Just as long as Lismore doesn't get KSC; Ballina/Lismore amalgamation is a good idea though."

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