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"I wish we in Lismore could have the NBN right now. I get "kicked-off" the net every 10-20 minutes or..."

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"How many of these bike deaths were caused by swerving to avoid a car driver who was tired/drunk/on a..."

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"Classic Aussie Furphy on "something or anything new".....?"

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"New road completely please...only solution."

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"Another female judge with "attitude'? After Magistrate Pat O'Shane personally I have had enough of..."

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"Here we go again...emotionalism combined with NINBY-ism versus progress. Well it worked so well for..."

A GROUP determined to stop an NBN Co internet tower from going ahead has started taking “pre-tower” blood tests to gear up for a legal fight.

NBN tower fight looms

25 Aug 2014

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"I agree...."

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"Predictable outcome. A pity it didn't go to a proper court-case with full disclosures. I hope the..."

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"Take your point over % mortality by diseases @Yambaman. Winners and losers in the natural environment..."

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"@SG - please note that a "Wowser" is Aussie-speak for a strict moral prohibitionist - unlike sensible..."

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