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"I broadly agree, in any confrontational situation early intervention is essential. But with far too few..."

Commented on a story 6:30pm Jul 31st

"How true @BB. And one good hail-storm...and "finito!".....[I do hope they have insurance, if not the..."

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"Cripes - only the second time that I agree with vociferous @JH from Maclean! (Though I feel it would..."

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"This perceptive and emotional issue is going political for sure in 2015. It's far too late to..."

Commented on a story 9:34am Jul 30th

"A supreme alarmist, aided by a clever "activist" computer program to give the exact answers required..."

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"Hypocrites! Show the Greens and Labor some cheap popularism - they go for the easy votes every..."

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"The tax-free ATO status of many "fringe" religious and green groups should be abolished, then they..."

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"Bad PR for the AFP and Oz. The picture could be easily re-captioned to degrade Australia as adverse..."

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"These un-licenced/insured scooters @mryellow are I feel far more of a hazard to pedestrians than..."

Commented on a story 8:21am Jul 28th

"That should put the Lismore cyclist/vehicle interaction/accident statistics up quite a bit....LBH take..."

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