March 2015

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ELECTIONS guru Antony Green may be tipping the Greens for Lismore, but the Gasfield Free movement are claiming out-and-out victory.

Greens tipped to win in Lismore

"Green & Labor's "fear factor"wins out over common-sense and future regional opportunities. Its' almost..."

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THE National Parks and Wildlife Service’s latest helicopter shoot successfully culled  22 feral pigs in the Everlasting Swamp.

Locals doubt effect of pig cull in swamp

"Maybe JH he meant there were too many NPs for the funding presently available to NPWS? Feral..."

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MEMBERS of the public seeking an update on the deaths of turtles in the Bellinger River are welcome to attend a public information session this Monday.

Open session will update public on Bellinger turtles crisis

"Just has to be CSG..........:)"

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Letter to the Editor - March 21: Bad results from logging

"There is a big difference between selective logging and clear-felling - LB."

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Letter to the Editor - March 21: Bad results from logging

"Yes Carol, it might look cosmetically nasty now, but this area will re-grow sustainably in future..."

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The Abbott government’s two-year data retention laws have passed the House of Representatives, and will now go to the Senate for debate.

Data retention laws pass the lower house

"A 'Police State' VB? Hardly! At least they are not talking about alienation/"special attention" given..."

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THE NATURE Conservation Council has renewed calls for the NSW Government to abandon plans to trial cable logging on steep slopes in forests on the North Coast.

Urunga and Nambucca Heads forests set to trial cable logging

"Looks like a modernised "old bullocky method" of log extraction, that allowed continuous selective..."

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JUST weeks after a Casino man died when a gas cooker exploded, the Department of Fair Trading has banned the sale of butane cookers in NSW.

List of butane cookers banned after casino death

"These types of butane-cartridge camping-cookers have been used safely for at least 60 years, replacing..."

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