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"Sorry you two bike-haters - @Ddilgaff is right - the 'Lions Club Charity TT Event' was Ok'd by..."

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"So I guess we have Gough (dec'd) in the 1970s to thank for all this mess @Recher?"

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"What a mouth-watering pizza picture....... :)"

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"Yet when the Greens do this type of thing to GSG industry or the Shooters Party - the police do..."

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"There is a big difference between health/safety/ethics info and paid contributions to a religion that..."

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"@ scargo - Unfortunately severe police harassment has also been perpetrated on ordinary recreational..."

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"I hope Ebola virus doesn't ever join-up with Hendra and rabies in our bat population, as then we may..."

LANDOWNERS could be given the right to shoot flying foxes on their properties under new legislation the NSW Government will introduce next week.

Bats put on death row

24 Oct 2014

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"All too true @CharlesD. I think the inappropriateness of the cycle-dress in the photo was simply to..."

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"Of course the hahal compliance circle-badge may not be such a good marketing strategy in some parts of..."

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"Soon everyone will be recording everyone at once! But there is no doubt the coming universal use of..."

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