April 2015

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THE embattled Richmond River has received another wound, as this system dies its death of a thousand cuts.

Poor water quality to cripple Richmond River oyster industry

"Poor Richmond River - it's dying. We have had no perch-run to the upper creeks for 2 years now."

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NORTH Coast Local Land Services has aired concerns Northern Rivers residents are at risk of wild dog attacks in its draft wild dog management plan.

Humans at risk of attack by wild dogs, land authority warns

"For many years the LLS have avoided involving NSW DPI-trained and registered "R" licenced recreational..."

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METGASCO managing director Peter Henderson has confirmed the company will seeking compensation over the government’s now “unlawful” decision to suspend its licence.

Metgasco confirms they will seek compensation

"The decision is not unexpected. Now we have 4 years to the next election to unlock this potentially..."

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A FORMER Tweed Byron detective who let a woman use his glock pistol as a sex toy during a tryst inside Kingscliff police station has avoided jail for misconduct.

Glock sex toy cop avoids jail

"If a member of the public misused a prohibited pistol and used their office computer for a private..."

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LISMORE councillors are "flying blind" on the controversial biodiversity levy and need more detailed information, a councillor has said.

Councillors "flying blind" on controversial environment levy

"I'm sure 87% will follow our Jenny on this - (not)."

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A MAN who was homeless for three years found a bank account with enough money to allow him to put down a deposit on a house.

Homeless man finds bank account with enough to buy a house

"If he were in Oz, Centrelink would bill him, fine and persecute him for all those years he was on..."

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TEN years ago a Clarence Valley resident chose to buy an investment property in McFarlane St, South Grafton.

Woman stuck with vandal tenant who won't pay rent

"HINT:- List this tenant in a case for determination with NCAT (Civil Tribunal) via the NSW Department..."

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IT SEEMS the much-hyped police "crackdown" on the Knitting Nannas regular protests outside Thomas George’s office was nothing more than hot air.

Cop: Knitting Nanna ‘crackdown’ just a ‘friendly’ chat

"Screaming headline- 'Paranoeic nannas accuse police of discrimination in an MP/Nats conspiracy theory!"

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A LEGAL challenge is likely to come after the Animal Justice Party has won the final seat in the NSW Parliament’s upper house.

Animal Justice Party candidate wins final NSW senate seat

"Sign of things to come from "cosy" café-late inner suburb Green preference voters, who have no idea of..."

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EMACIATED, shivering from the cold and desperately in labour, a heavily-pregnant dog has been dumped in the Warwick Pound’s drop-off box to fend for herself.

RSPCA cases on the rise

"Yes, DILLIGAF - I am fully aware of that. But there is a big surplus of potentially feral animals and..."

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