January 2016

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PROSPECTIVE real estate agents will have to attain a higher level of education under the Real Estate Institute of NSW’s proposed new rules.

Property agents need education to combat 80% ‘churn rate’

"The main trouble is that getting a 'NSW Sales Licence' for real estate with an existing firm is..."

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PAULINE Hanson has come out in support of the controversial Australia Day lamb advertisement saying people who have an issue with it should simply get over it.

Pauline Hanson questions the validity of the Aboriginal flag

"Lighten up Aussies! Stop being "offended" so often. [I do hope no-one makes an "apology" over these..."

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FUEL retailers have slammed reports of NSW petrol prices being artificially increased, arguing over-regulation of the state’s petrol industry is driving up costs

Industry slams claims of NSW ‘petrol cartel’ price fixing

"Petrol/diesel prices - quick to go up...but slow to go down. 'Follow the money' to see who is..."

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IN HIS first missive of the year, Lismore City Council general manager Gary Murphy has said the council needed to do better financially.

Finding financial security a priority for new council GM

"...and tell me how much does he earn, including car, perques and 'super?"

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“A PART of our community” is the motto of SPAR Goonellabah, but after a long struggle in the volatile grocery industry, the owners are closing the doors.

Gbah SPAR owners say farewell as doors close permanently

"Big Business wins - yet again."

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LISMORE City Council’s ties with the local business community have soured beyond recovery, Lismore Business Chamber board members claim.

Lismore Chamber: No confidence in our council

"They got it right!"

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A SUITE of new laws increasing fines and forcing NSW bike riders to carry photo identification has been cautiously received in the state’s cycling fraternity.

Cyclists forced to carry photo ID in NSW

"Cycling keeps you fit JH! With obesity burgeoning in our community that alone is worth considering as..."

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WIPING away tears, President Barack Obama made an emotional plea to increase background checks for buyers of firearms over the internet and at gun shows.

Weeping Obama reveals plan for tighter gun controls

"One of the worst major cities for gun-violence is Obama's own Chicago. There the gun-laws are some of..."

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North East Forest Alliance spokesperson Dailan Pugh said the group is calling for Premier Baird to intervene and establish an independent inquiry into forestry

Forestry Corporation escapes $11,000 fine

"If NEFA hadn't become so emotionally involved perhaps this matter could have been cleared up far..."

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