February 2015

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A SURVEY of NSW mobility scooter users has found their biggest fear while operating their electric machines is crossing the road.

Mobility scooter users fear crossing the road

"These motor-powered vehicles need to be registered/CTP-insured with the RMS before the present..."

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MIKE EVANS feels like his life is in limbo for six months after he stepped on an uncapped used syringe in one of Lismore’s most popular car parks.

Mike steps on needle getting out of car, now he's in limbo

"I saw public health authorities regularly giving out multiple syringes free to the drug-useing public..."

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THE expression ‘raining cats and dogs’ has a very literal meaning for Lismore’s Animal Rights and Rescue Group.

Raining cats and dogs - more pets dumped during downpours

"You must be living on another planet @musici! Any non-fancy breed that is capable of keeping its coat..."

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AN INDEPENDENT, unbiased and diverse media landscape is, to me, what keeps our democratic society in check.

Trustworthy, reliable journalism will come if you demand it

"I think ABC TV will be the only job for Mathew after he gets his degree. Then he can get leads for a..."

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FARMERS in the horticulture sector will be able to access more seasonal workers from the Pacific Islands, after the government removed caps on worker numbers.

Pacific Island horticulture worker cap removed

"Great people & hard workers now on Aussie award wages, not like the 1890s RoS! It will cement good..."

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IF EVER there was a good reason to buy local, it’s the hepatitis A outbreak from frozen berries picked overseas.

Frozen berries Hepatitis A scare food for thought

"Dick Smith has only recently joined the "proud aussie-sourced " band-wagon. He made his fortune with..."

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THE Greyhound Racing NSW Board had agreed to step down, Deputy Premier and Minister for Racing Troy Grant has said.

Greyhound Racing NSW Boards steps down

"Heads are beginning to roll at the top of the dog-racing organisation, as fully expected. One..."

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NORTH Coast greyhound racing authorities say a live baiting finding in the region could severely damage the industry.

Live baiting finding could damage local greyhound industry

"Not exactly SNF - I'm just saying if the ABC & animal activist friends were genuinely trying to..."

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TWO NORTHERN Rivers greyhound trainers named in the greyhound live baiting scandal engulfing the industry have not raced dogs at Grafton for at least two years.

Club president vouches for local dog trainers

"The usual way this process operates is that an enraged public ostracise everyone even remotely involved..."

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