May 2015

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WOW that was close. The Chronicle has obtained dash cam footage of a frightening near miss on Ruthven St.

VIDEO: Dash cam footage shows near miss on Toowoomba road

"Why wouldn't the driver just overtake from the left lane??????? This is typical of Toowoomba drivers. ..."

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THE editor of Toowoomba-based Bella Magazine has jumped on board a campaign calling for supermarket giants to remove Zoo Weekly from its shelves.

Toowoomba groups join campaign for Zoo Weekly ban

"oh please. It is hard enough for magazine publications to stay viable in this day and age and now..."

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TOOWOOMBA Regional Council is warning small businesses to be wary of fake emails after its computers were infected by a virus.

Council issues warning after virus invades its computers

"Why do people open these things? Since when does the AFP issue traffic fines? Ignorance for these..."

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HURLING abuse at a man inside the Hume St courthouse and then turning on police who intervened has cost a Toowoomba mum a $1000 fine.

Hurling insults at court costs woman $1000 fine

"Lucky Newcastle! Who needs to watch "Struggle Street" on sbs when we can just venture down to the..."

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WORKERS who duck out of the office for quick puffs of nicotine throughout the day end up working four hours less a week than their non-smoking colleagues.

Toowoomba smokers get extra 22 days off each year

"You start work a full hour before scheduled and only have a 30 minute lunch break. But do you claim 90..."

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CHANGES to the family payment system in this year’s Federal Budget have been criticised by Toowoomba stay-at-home parents.

Mum backs more support for stay-at-home parents

"I don't mind some of the changes. Especially where people can't "Double Dip" anymore by claiming..."

April 2015

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<strong>YOUR SAY:</strong> In response to online shopping destroying our local shopping, I am a strong supporter of local shopping.

YOUR SAY: Shops face death knell from online shopping

"A kitchen sharpener???? Why would anyone need a sharp kitchen??? hahahaha. It's true though. ..."

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TOOWOOMBA’S Darling Heights Lodge has been shut down by Toowoomba Regional Council and 25 residents evicted in a move labelled as “ruthless”.

Battlers evicted as council closes down city lodge

"He mustn't have received his $2.8 million asking price when he tried to sell it a few years ago ..."

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HARVARD is no longer a distant dream for former St Ursula’s College girl Bronte Shaddock.

Toowoomba girl on her way to Harvard law school

"While it is an outstanding achievement can't she just ask her parents for the money? She went to..."

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