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"I suppose the Nats. will proudly field their Richard Nixon look-alike from Grafton...or wait a..."

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"Yeah - Lismore shooter to the rescue - he's lovin' it!"

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"Oh dear - I'm told that Richie Williamson is now demanding $400 public liability insurance from the..."

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"Sounds to me that outside scrutiny is badly needed - I notice the vacancy for a Ranger being..."

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"OK now the cat seems to be out of the bag. I refer to today's Clarence Valley Review, page 3, last..."

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"There's a theory being put forward here, personally I thing it's time to call for Administration? ..."

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"Wow, thanks - glad you were able to understand them!"

A RANGE of new measures has been or are about to be introduced for people paying rates and other bills to the Clarence Valley Council.

New ways to pay rates

21 Jul 2014

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"Weed infestation I see as a major problem and of course with each flood more arrive so maintenance..."

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"I've just revisited the statements made by Williamson and Greensill, both are frankly insulting to the..."

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"Now these are questions that Council must answer: "given that on your own figures last year this pool..."

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