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"Who had three weeks leave? We only had two and that was in London of the 1960's. As for two..."

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"Well, well - this story is word for word exactly what was purported to have happened to someone here in..."

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"With the abolition of the carbon tax - what steps has Council now taken to adjust/revoke those measures..."

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"Of course it's unsuitable, we can expect an influx as a result of the current ICAC hearings and frankly..."

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"Gosh won't the Mayor be pleased! Now his sponsors can deliver right to the door of his Radio Station ..."

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"Now I'm thoroughly confused "Mr Lim said the price of fuel and the carbon tax had made things difficult..."

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"Working on an 800 meter stretch of road for three months? A forecast flagged the weather change well..."

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"So it seems that a cargo cult mentality is prevalent here among the little tin Gods purporting to speak..."

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""this road is an embarrassment" - so is CVC management - huge pay packets and with a recent 2.5% rise..."

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