November 2015

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YOU are more likely to drown at the beach, be killed by a falling coconut or as a result of a jellyfish sting, than get bitten by a shark.

Expert warns shark cull won’t solve anything

"I am sure that Southern Cross uni will produce a "Coconut Scientist" if someone will provide them with..."

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A PUBLIC hearing will be held in Ballina tomorrow as part of the Legislative Assembly’s inquiry into the management of sharks in New South Wales waters.

Shark inquiry to kick off in Ballina

"The overpaid "shark scientists" tagged some sharks and one went to Port Arthur, others have..."

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THE worst response to a tragic and horrific attack like that on Paris would be one that strengthens Isis.

We must destroy Isis - but let's not play into their hands

"We should not follow the USA into one stupid unwinnable conflict after another. Obama is so weak , he..."

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THERE continues to be delays to the redevelopment of Shelly’s on the Beach cafe, according to a commercial services committee report to Ballina Shire Council.

Delays on redevelopment of Shelly's on the Beach cafe

"Aren't Counils great...? And Ballina Shire has such a greedy big spending appetite for O.P.M. This ..."

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LE-BA Boardriders president Don Munro invite NSW Premiere Mike Baird and Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair to spend their holidays on the North Coast

Politicians invited to holiday on North Coast

"So much for the "shark scientists" tagging predatory sharks. Dr. Pullmore has been tagging sharks..."

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WHERE were you when Gough Whitlam’s Labor Government was dismissed?

Where were you during The Dismissal?

"i was cheering Kerrs move to end the Whitlam government , who had made a complete mess of government in..."

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A STUDY has shown finishing high school really does pay off.

Quarter of school drop-outs remain jobless

"Get an apprenticeship. Labor and Liberals have been selling off our land , assets and soverignty for..."

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GLOBAL temperatures have reached a record high and are halfway to reaching a “dangerous” threshold, the World Meteorological Organisation has revealed.

Climate issue heats up –we’re halfway to disaster

"Oh Yes?? Prove your theory."

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