April 2016

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A RESCISSION motion, in a bid to stop the closure of the Eastern Road, adjacent to Lake Ainsworth, was lost at Ballina Council meeting yesterday (Thursday).

More parking for troubled Lake Ainsworth project

"Pave paradise and put in a parking lot. Ballina Council has no idea. If they want to preserve the..."

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"What part of ‘keep to the left’ eludes shoppers as soon as they set foot on a moving surface?" Max Crus investigates this 'escalating' problem among shoppers.

OPINION: See ya' later travelator

"Obese women seem to think they have the right to just obstruct everyone like roadblocks. There are..."

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DECIDING on a new appliance these days is fraught with danger.

Opinion: Lock up your Tim Tams

"when Crosley and Kelvinator refrigerators were built in Australia they would last for decades. Now you..."

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Labor thinks the Northern Rivers could make money out of renewables

Opinion: Gas is gone but is anyone going to back wind?

"No wind turbines for the Northern Rivers ."

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SHARK-SPOTTING helicopter crews will keep patrol for the next year over the North Coast’s beaches, with one notable exception.

North Coast gets shark patrols but Evans Head skipped

"I agree with the comments on Marine Parks which have changed the marine environment and created..."

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JOHNNY Depp’s ‘heartfelt’ apology over dogs Pistol and Boo could go down as one of his worst performances ever. Now there's a parody that makes the point.

WATCH: Parody sends up Johnny Depp over dogs apology

"Depp looked bloated, pale, sweaty , hungover. "

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CHANGES to the age pension assets test take effect from January 1.

Pensions to change on January 1

"Retire overseas. Australia is too expensive too live in. Ripped off at every turn."

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A LOOK at the biggest conspiracy theories on the Northern Rivers and what a conspiratorial psychologist has to say about them.

Chemtrails, vaccines and fluoride: Our top conspiracies

"Anyone with a public "education" since the mid 80's has been brainwashed"

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BALLINA will be completely underwater by 2100 according to new modelling released today.

Ballina to be completely submerged by 2100

"Uh huh . Imagine being on an island at Suffolk Park surrounded by the packs of White Pointers the..."

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POLICE have released the name of a man from Fairy Hill, west of Casino, who was killed in a motorcycle crash near Tenterfield on Wednesday afternoon.

Police name Fairy Hill man who died in motorbike crash

"So much for the police road blitz. I have not seen a patrol car all week between Ballina and..."

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