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"Simple Labor is corrupted and their gross mismanagement of our economy over 6 years has put us into..."

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"get a load of the flower children protesting a labor meaning of work for the dole LOL<< but again it is..."

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"Another Labor green stunt to suck in the voters so they can get back on the gravy train nothing more..."

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"I feel sorry for the poor bugger, the system has broken down for people with mental problems like PTSD."

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"It seem's that the comments are one sided and not looking at the facts but that's the Labor way is it..."

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"These Labor minions have never had a real job in their life either worked a staffers or as union rep..."

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"Typical Labor green response they have never run a business cant run a business like the council or..."

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"for he can sure as hell do a better job than the incompetent labor green council we have now that have..."

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