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"The same people that voted for Labor and the NBN and the sheer waste of taxpayers monies are Now..."

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"You do remember it was labor that handed out the CSG leases like they were lollies?? would like to know..."

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"And I forgot old Joh purchased the coal mines for the state to have cheap power only for labor to sell..."

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"Thank the previous labor government and her bludging union mates for your high unemployment that's what..."

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"Typical Labor union comment they priced Australia out of the market! the old give me more is why our..."

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"Simple Labor is corrupted and their gross mismanagement of our economy over 6 years has put us into..."

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"get a load of the flower children protesting a labor meaning of work for the dole LOL<< but again it is..."

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"Another Labor green stunt to suck in the voters so they can get back on the gravy train nothing more..."

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