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"BHP has already done that with three FIFO camps. It is pretty sad that you have your personal..."

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"Agree a healthy economy in 9/10th's all about confidence. If people are happy they are more likely..."

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"The tragedy with your idea is that the people you most hate might have to become your neighbours."

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"They never did as they self-insured..."

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"John you raise an interesting point about operational implications. What is ironic is that BMA has..."

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"Jul 23, 2014 - BHP head Andrew Mackenzie said “our focus on productivity has ... and record production..."

A UNION believes BMA is misleading workers by claiming Caval Ridge is a new mine.

Caval Ridge isn't a 'new' mine: Union

15 Oct 2014

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"I do believe the CQ Mining Communities have always had a clear view of what they want, but it is big..."

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"Oh gee SJB, G&S has simply picked up the DRE17 shutdown at Caval Ridge..... Hence, it is not..."

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"Local should mean Nebo, Moranbah or Dysart resident. There are plenty of vacant houses now..."

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"Put Labour Day back in May just like it was for 100 years, and move the Sovereign's "Birthday" to the..."

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