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"Guess again, a camp of this size will next apply for its own Liquor License."

Commented on a story 6:56pm Aug 26th

"Hey hangem go back and actually read up on the Bradfield scheme there is potential to send water out..."

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"Turning the Burdekin inland will slow the natural sediment dump on the GBR, which is a known and hot..."

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"The issue of using electronic devices was never really an issue with stray RF, as the aircraft are..."

Commented on a story 7:53am Aug 26th

"Research the Bradfield Water scheme - Bob Katter re-advocated it some years ago back in the Sir Joh..."

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"The definition of 'local' should mean permanently resides within 80-100km of the site, preferably..."

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"Speaking of what commitment that should be shown, these 457 Visa holders are "guest workers" that are..."

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"A fair bet would suggest the UK roads you speak of don't have 100's B-doubles and bumper to bumper..."

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"... but only rich and well connected will be able to attain an education, under the social system the..."

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