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"Ed, Around 0830am, I was tuned into a interesting radio interview between Peter Beattie and Lawrence..."

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"Ed, From reading through the above article and noting the responses; is this Council interested in..."

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"Ed, Our Emergency Services personnel provide an invaluable service to the community and as a observer..."

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"There's is a valid case that can be presented and; what happens if a major fire breaks out and all..."

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"Ed, Whilst the PUP as a whole, continues to attract some interesting coverage within the Media, it will..."

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"Ed, Earlier today, I listened to a radio compere's editorial, re the speech given by Senator John..."

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"He will probably be one that will be the loser at the 2015 state election. However, I don't support his..."

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"There would be many in agreement with that comment and it continues to develop"

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