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"Ed, Whilst the Queensland Minister for Health says that (I think) the corner has been turned in the..."

Commented on a story 7:26am Sep 17th

"Ed, As part of response to this interesting updated Health issue, I particularly note -" was waiting..."

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"Ed, Noting the number of responses to the above; how many of your readers remember what the Sunshine..."

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"Ed, Another Council is in trouble and from reading through the above, if I was a local resident of the..."

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"Ed, I will reserve further comment on the above and well done to those who have responded so far and..."

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"Ed, From reading through the above, I would invite readers to have a close look at the material on the..."

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"Ed, Not being a resident of Toowoomba; when are we as a nation and communities going to get all levels..."

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"Ed, The Author of this interesting item has again provided readers with a worthy article and from..."

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"Ed, Again we sight a report re a Telecommunications issue which is unacceptable when considering that..."

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