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"You have completely misread, or misunderstood my post. I was merely pointing out, that thousands of..."

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""I've always said the US was the most murderous country in the world" Please rationalize that..."

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"Come on bleckfella, justify those statements. Put up or shut up."

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"Lookup Edward Yourdon, software engineer and computer consultant. (Elevators and chips in cars will not..."

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"" very prevalent thinking from folk from the "big smoke" Is that "looking down your nose"..."

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"Moderator: You are correct in pointing that out. 13,000 packets using 500g as packet size (usual..."

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"Just once, I would like someone to define "illegal war" for me, and to identify and quantify the 170 of..."

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"Let's not forget the "scientists" who predicted the end of civilization as we know it, due to the Y2K..."

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"Congratulations indeed. 13,000 packets of sausages @ 1.8kg each equals 3.34 tonnes per day. Some..."

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"Try and get a builder to come around and give you a quote for a substantial job, let alone to do the..."

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