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"Whilst ever you have a sport run out of a corporate boardroom you will not get sensible decision..."

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"$17m to protect a wall that is causing the harbour to fill up with sand. This is a most illogical waste..."

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"I just hope that the pasted on conservative voters in Cowper who vote the same way election after..."

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"We are having 4 to 5m waves at present due to the east coast low and there is no big deal on the..."

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"Please, enough of these religious types in our political system. We live in a secular state where..."

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"Community minded with no agendas, poor old Nan is doomed to failure so long as the non thinkers who..."

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"Only if it is owned and operated by private enterprise and funded and indemnified by the taxpayers..."

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"Walter what do you expect from an organisation that generates its income soliciting from Councils."

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"A rat on its own doesn't smell too bad but a rat's nest is rotten."

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"If the National Party are backing it I suggest I would have far more chance of catching a flying pig to..."

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