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"Totally agree picman2. Whoever sells a farm and it is usually by a National Party supporter as their..."

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"Latest valuation arrived today. Land valuation down 10% and Council want's to raise rates by double..."

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"Your evidence for your disbelief about threatened species please yambaman? I put it to you that it..."

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"You sound just like the commanding officers at the battle of the nek on Gallipoli alwayswatching, have..."

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"Yet another totally misleading statement BigBunny. Old growth forest even if incorporated into a State..."

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"Real increases Oliver real increases. "

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"Oliver you don't seem to understand prioritising. The things you say would run down unless..."

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"Sadly dasqer it's not just the money Council spends on 'consultants' but the fact that they are usually..."

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"Australian resources, Australian regulations, Australian returns. Is there anything wrong with this?..."

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"donkeyman libraries are and always have been core local government business. Libraries are a public..."

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