October 2015

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RUMOURS of local government elections being postponed have not made their way to Clarence Valley mayor Richie Williamson’s desk.

Whispers abound of council election delay

"It's the transfer payments that councils make to the private sector that result in rate hikes above..."

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PREPARED speeches will remain frowned upon at Coffs Harbour City Council meetings after a rescission motion failed by just one vote at Thursday night’s meeting.

Restricted speeches remain for council

"If what Nan Cowling says about no other council barring notes and written speeches is true what this..."

September 2015

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POLICE are investigating an attempted armed robbery at a Coffs Harbour supermarket last night.

Police investigate armed attack at a Coffs supermarket

"What do you suggest we do to prevent those who may feel they have to indulge in such anti-social..."

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SHARP divisions between sections of the business community have emerged over plans for a survey to gauge the benefits of Rally Australia to the local economy.

Council to and fro over rally benefits

" Why no independent cost benefit analysis if as we all know yet council is reluctant to advertise..."

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A NUMBER of employees at manufacturing firm W.E. Smith Engineering are claiming they have gone without salaries for four weeks.

Workers short-changed salaries and super

"So what's the next step coffsboy40 ? Will the company tell you you can keep your jobs if you work for..."

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<strong>UPDATE: </strong>COWPER MP Luke Hartsuyker has been named the Minister for Vocational Education and Skills on the new PM's front bench.

Reshuffle brings new front bench role for Hartsuyker

"Hartsuyker has been put in this outer ministry position by Turnbull to do what he has done in the..."

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COWPER MP Luke Hartsuyker has discussed the Coffs Harbour bypass project with Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss.

Coffs Harbour bypass still an issue

"One thing every person in Coffs Harbour can be certain of and that is that there will never be a Coffs..."

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HAVING worked closely with former PM Tony Abbott for many years, Cowper MP Luke Hartsuyker admits to feeling disappointed for a man he considers to be a friend.

Hartsuyker disappointed to see a friend fall

"I must have missed that community meeting where Hartsuyker told us what he stands for."

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COFFS Harbour has been highlighted in a new study which has found the rise of fast internet in regional Australia will boost innovation over the next 15 years.

Coffs connects to jobs of the future

"The policies will change as the extreme right becomes marginalised by Turnbull. It wont happen in days..."

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FRESH calls have been made for the construction of a footpath to link homes in Hill St in Coffs Harbour.

Campaign to pave the way

"This sort of thing is not important to the Coffs Council it is too busy funding 'events' and doing..."

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