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"Faith is the anathema of reason racist2. When an organisation, be it a church or political or secular..."

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"Sadly OzBoz you can't just take the fuel tax on its own it is the totality of all the new taxes and..."

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"Coffs Harbour = low incomes = high current petrol prices = bigger impost on people with this Abbott..."

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"I'll leave further comment to closer to the event it might get through to you how the public is..."

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"Ah ha I was waiting for the built in bias to raise its head. I'm not a fan just an observer who was..."

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"You are a bit naive if you don't believe the promoters will do the same thing unless they are put on..."

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"I don't believe that Pell would be listening at all sparkles, he basically gave the Royal Commission..."

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"In some cases this is exactly what the Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual..."

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"When is a 4 wheel drive not a four wheel drive? When the driver is not a 4 wheel driver."

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