February 2016

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GREENS  David Shoebridge was trailed by A Current Affair and SBS yesterday to witness a day at Lismore Local Court yesterday.

Sick Bexhill man’s harrowing roadside drug test story

"The Greens voted for this legislation in 2006 knowing full well its implications (or do they want to..."

January 2016

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One in four drivers who underwent roadside drug tests in 2015 in the Richmond LAC tested positive for illicit drugs.

One in four drivers tested positive to drugs in 2015

"As if 24% of drivers are actually under the influence of an illicit drug. More than anything this 24%..."

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THE threat of fog and flooding make Lismore airport a risky location for the new Westpac Life Saver Rescue helibase, according to a paramedic.

‘Anywhere but Lismore’: Helibase move to airport slated

"This fog issue dates back to when even Casino had an airport and the most effective cost benefit for..."

November 2015

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AUSGRID and Essential Energy workers have dealt a victory after the power companies’ plans to use forced redundancies to shed 2395 jobs were deemed illegal.

Decision sends forced redundancy plans into disarray

"Forced redundancies following the unnecessary expenditure of hundreds of millions in so-called..."

August 2015

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ONCE you have bought a property, the first thing you need to do is to protect it and the treasured possessions inside it.

So you bought a house, but do you have enough insurance?

"Not only expensive and worries of not paying up but insurance companies REFUSE to tailor to individual..."

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UPDATE: TWEED Coast fisherman Matthew says he kept a "souvenir" of the giant tiger shark - its jaws - and here's the proof.

Fisherman's 'souvenir': The jaws of a giant tiger shark

"How is this any less abhorrent than the recent outrage over the killing of a lion and giraffe?"

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Council allows funeral home at Magellan street over retailers' dead bodies.

Council allow funeral home in lively heart of Lismore

"Darnations! I really wanted processions downtown"

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WOULD you stay in a relationship for money? Almost half Australians would, according to new survey results.

Money or happiness? Almost half of us would choose money

"So why does Joe Hockey (and the rest of the pigs at the trough) get away with being reimbursed $370 or..."

July 2015

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WE’VE all seen a shooting star or perhaps a solar eclipse, but what about a blue moon?

Once in a Blue Moon coming on Friday

"Besides the idiocy of saying the moon is blue, a person experiences a blue moon more frequently than a..."

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