April 2015

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KYOGLE Mayor Danielle Mulholland is fuming that her council will not receive any funding from the Federal Government’s $300 million Bridge Renewal program.

Kyogle mayor fuming over lack of funds for bridges

"Page MP Kevin Hogan said the feedback on Kyogle's application was that "it was lacking in sufficient..."

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A 28-year-old single mum and recovering addict says ice is a "horrific" drug that would have killed her if she hadn't received help.

Addict's story: How I survived a $1200-a-day ice habit

"$600 a gram... errant nonsense.... at that price no one would use meth because cocaine, a far superior..."

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March 2015

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A FEW weeks ago in this column I likened the current situation in Canberra to Game of Thrones … it’s closer now to The Walking Dead.

OPINION: Tony's fiascos mean it's time for him to go

""According to the Counting Dead Women project, 13 Australian women were murdered, allegedly as the..."

February 2015

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EVER curse your local council for inactivity, a lack of project funding or the poor state of the roads?

Councils chasing $10 million in unpaid rates

"You're wrong about forcing rates up. Thankfully NSW has rate pegging that is 100% independent of unpaid..."

January 2015

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A BEAUTIFUL sight, yes, but not the place to take a swim, repeats the newest tests results from the water at the old Bexhill quarry.

Fools jump into Bexhill water

"What exactly is the danger swimming in sterile acidic water? I can understand not swimming on a..."

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LISMORE residents are used to dirty floodwaters but a flood of chlorine is hitting ratepayers as a wave of heated pools open in the city.

Lismore has depth in the pool

"Simply outrageous. Mayor Dowell says as a matter of fact pools like council's lose money. Yet the cost..."

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BALLINA-Byron Gateway Airport is poised to claim its share of a new $50 million state funding package, with a $6 million proposal to triple the size of its departure lounge.

Airport seeks funding for $6m expansion

"Time to shut down the money hole known as Lismore airport. If Lismore had closed its airport as it..."

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Southern Cross University postdoctoral researcher Dr Jesse Leland was right at home in this underwater world in the heart of Lismore.

How can you tell how old a lobster is?

"We know our local freshwater Eustachus species 'Spiny Crayfish' Land Lobster' live well beyond thirty..."

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