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""I know plenty of women who don't see their kids?" What you are a guard in a high security female..."

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"We can lay the blame for the debacle of the past few years on Gillard govt that rolled back Howard's 50..."

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"The system is stacked to favour the custodial parent ergo mothers even when said mom is an awful..."

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"Cadbury chocolate is halal."

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""Lie" = 'Hall reports data that cannabis use around doubles the risk of fatal and non-fatal car..."

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"There is no relationship between testing positive for cannabis and any effect on driving unlike testing..."

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"Are men expected to have short hair? Another sexually biased article covering the plight of women in..."

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"What is the statistical significance in car accidents between 'cannabis only' in the system versus no..."

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"Sure would be interested to know why: "The two smaller county councils were proving to be..."

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"What i can not comprehend is why the real estate agents who are paid a monthly fee have no financial..."

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