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"You've just got to do a bit of research laybak68. Most people have already looked at the issues. What's..."

Commented on a story 9:52am Oct 25th

"Oh Good Lord! This sounds absolutely revolting. In all honesty who wants to go out in the Northern..."

Commented on a story 9:40am Oct 25th

"Win or lose the court case, I can't see the State Gov't offering 700 - 850 riot squad police again. ..."

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"Gawd, I hadn't realised that's why they were sending the riot squad in against the pacifists and the..."

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"Because Im Batman, you may not think it but the Supreme Court has some pretty smart cookies. Don't you..."

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"The stoic shareholders are out as usual. Perhaps they can inform us of what Mary O'Kane said about the..."

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"That John Jenkyn, he don't sound too happy living in a csg field. I reckon I'll give it a miss. "

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"Keith's, please take a quick course in pollie speak before you vote. "

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"And what would you have done with the population who live in these 'deadened communities'? What a..."

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"I reckon Metgasco's local shareholders should blame themselves, they just had to open their eyes."

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