September 2015

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IMMIGRATON Minister Peter Dutton has accused Fairfax and the ABC of trying to topple Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his Coalition Government.

Fairfax and ABC accused of plot to take down Abbott

"Fairfax and the ABC have more credibility in one byte than than the whole Liberal National Part have."

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I’VE ALWAYS been an optimist … looking for the silver lining.

OPINION: Our PM can make it hard to find the silver lining

""Mr Abbott's denial of any involvement in the raid may be the truth. " Not so, Maggie. Truth is a..."

August 2015

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ATTORNEY-General George Brandis has given his unwavering support to Dyson Heydon after the royal commissioner refused to sack himself from an investigation into union corruption.

Government stands by royal commissioner Dyson Heydon

"Heydon has ensured that whatever the findings of this waste of money Royal Commission are, they will be..."

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NO ONE in the Immigration Minister’s office read the controversial Border Force press release that led to massive protests in Melbourne on Friday.

Minister’s office ignored controversial release

"What has happened to the parliamentary convention of ministerial responsibility?In the era of that..."

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CAMPAIGNERS are calling for a vote on breaking away from the British monarchy within five years as the country's federal Treasurer leads a renewed push for a republic.

Joe Hockey fighting for Australia to become a republic

"...and turns his bureaucracy into quasi-military forces to interrogate people on the street about..."

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POSTAL customers could soon face having to pay $1 to buy a stamp, almost doubling their cost, with Australia Post applying for the price hike.

Price hike in the post, with a $1 stamp on the cards

"There are some things (such as replacement credit cards) that just cannot be emailed."

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RETAILERS have praised the Federal and State treasurers’ decision to remove the $1000 GST-free threshold for imported goods.

Retailers praise expansion of GST to small online purchases

"If the Libs reckoned that the mining tax was a dud, this one is a doozy. Compliance by overseas..."

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THE Palmer Coolum Resort was one of three businesses that poured a total of more than $5.5 million into the Palmer United Party’s coffers in June.

Palmer's companies pour millions into PUP coffers

"If no one knows about this, how come you do or are you making yet another wild assumption?"

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WITH no security back-up, railway workers de-escalated a knife fight on a North Coast XPT train which terminated at Casino at 6.40pm on Wednesday night.

Knife fight erupts on train with no security in sight

"The hard copy edition of today's Star had a headline which referred to a "speeding" train. How is this..."

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