February 2015

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THE beers were on Townsville-based military sapper Ryan Gray on Tuesday.

VIDEO: Soldiers brought in to assist Cyclone Marcia recovery

"A box of beer??? Lol anyone that says a box of beer isn't a queenslander..."

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MANY Morning Bulletin Facebook followers have slammed the prerequisites for the government hardship assistance grant.

READERS: slam hardship assistance grant post cyclone

"To many milk the system.... I don't have any huge dramas regarding the tightening up.... People have..."

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LAST Thursday morning, more than 100,000 people in Capricornia woke up knowing there would be fun and games afoot with a category one cyclone out to sea.

Nature’s fury felt across centuries across Queensland

"This cyclone may/ may not have been a 5 when it hit land BUT having been through 3 major cyclones up..."

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The Bulletin called on readers via Facebook to post photos and comments to say #Thankyou! to emergency services and others.

READERS: Say thanks to emergency services and others

"Thanks to the Ergon boys who came down from Tully last Sunday and got our lines energised again at..."

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PREMIER Annastacia Palaszczuk says $1 million state government contribution will be shared among four charities delivering post-cyclone support and services.

Premier announces $1m for four charities in Cyclone zone

"How much of this million bucks will be sucked up by administration?? None of these outfits will work..."

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YEPPOON residents affected by Tropical Cyclone Marcia are set to be visited by Prime Minister Tony Abbott this evening.

PM to drop in on cyclone ravaged Yeppoon

"A week later and Tony decides to make a fleeting visit.. Gees Michelle Landry must be..."

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A MOTHER who lost her 19-year-old son has been overwhelmed by a radio station who arranged to have the family's mortgage paid for six months.

Mum who lost son given tear-jerking surprise by station

"What a feel good story! "

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<strong>UPDATE:</strong> THE Council is being inundated with calls from people concerned about elderly and disabled residents who are suffering from the heat.

Concerns for elderly and disabled unable to escape heat

"Salvos should sell some of their billions of dollars in real estate rather than ask locals to fund it."

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PLANS to move Bali Nine inmates Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran have been postponed on the request of the Indonesian attorney-general.

Plans to move Bali Nine inmates ahead of execution halted

"Vagabond, supporting the killing of anyone no matter what they did is not something i could ever..."

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AUSTRALIAN household incomes would rise - not fall - if the GST was increased to allow a better distribution of weath, according to CPA Australia.

Accountants in call to lift GST to 15%

"Rangeresident...no it wont make it worse. There wont be any tax on actual labour ie work, only on..."

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