July 2015

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IS AUSTRALIAN tennis player Nick Kyrgios the next Pat Cash in terms of temper on the tennis court?

What is it with tennis players and bad tempers?

"Nick has enormous talent, that could make him one of the greats. He would not remember John McEnroe who..."

June 2015

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It seems to me that all teachers need to come in line with other working professions who also provide a service, like nurses, doctors, plumbers etc.

YOUR SAY: Teachers should work 9-5 like the rest of us

"I retired from teaching around four years ago. My normal day started at school between 7.30 am and 8..."

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THE New South Wales Government preparing to announce a $2.1 billion surplus in Tuesday's state budget

NSW budget to hit record surplus of $2.1 billion

"I am looking forward to the NSW LNP Budget tomorrow outlining the $50 million upgrade to Macksville..."

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EMPLOYMENT growth and a drop in the regional unemployment rate shows Government investment is paying dividends, according to Cowper MP Luke Hartsuyker.

8500 new jobs added in Coffs-Grafton by 2019: Hartsuyker MP

"The positive projections do not equate to actual real, long term, permanent jobs. What assumptions are..."

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A PARLIAMENTARY inquiry has found New South Wales should partially privatise its power grid, almost guaranteeing the plan will pass through parliament.

Power a political game

"I look forward to the $50 million upgrade for Macksville Hospital to be funded in the next NSW budget."

May 2015

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STRIPPING dual nationals of their Australian citizenship if they choose to fight for a terrorist organisation is one policy that has public support.

Support for stripping terrorists of Australian citizenship

"Surely a decision to remove your Australian citizenship, should be made by an independent court. Tony..."

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Agreement to remove the review provision was the final major stumbling block for the renewable energy industry, the Clean Energy Council has said.

Big boost for renewable energy

"The Abbott government were dragged kicking and screaming to set a new RET, that would be approved by..."

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WITH Federal MPs due to vote Monday on same sex marriages, we asked Justine Elliot and Kevin Hogan where they stood on the issue.

What our local Federal MPs have to say about gay marriage

"Australia does not need a Referendum to legalise same sex marriage. All it would require would be to..."

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Member for Cowper Luke Hartsuyker has dismissed the idea of a referendum on same-sex marriage in Australia.

Nationals MP dismisses same-sex marriage referendum

"Australia does not need a Referendum to legalise same sex marriage. All it would require would be to..."

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