August 2015

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NEW figures have revealed Member for Cowper Luke Hartsuyker spent more than $300,000 in office costs last year, as part of his $523,000 expense packet.

Cowper MP’s office costs in the spotlight

"I am so looking forward to Luke Hartsuyker giving us a break down of his expenses when I receive his..."

July 2015

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HERE are a couple of suggestions for Treasurers Pitt and Hockey, looking for new ways to tax the plebs.

LETTER: How about 'footprint' tax based on size and weight?

"A simpler way would be to impose a wealth tax above a certain threshold such as $5 million and tax..."

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LISMORE District Court is experiencing some of the longest delays in the state according to a report by the NSW Law Reform Commission.

‘Justice denied’ by lengthy delays in district court

"You should be prepared to pay a lot more state taxes to pay for the extra prisoners housed at around..."

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Construction of new bridge over the Nambucca River at Macksville has started, as part of the Warrell Creek to Nambucca Heads upgrade along the Pacific Highway.

Start of Nambucca River work bridging the Pacific Hwy gap

"Yes the $830 million project, which has commonwealth funding of $415 million and NSW funding of $415..."

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IN WHAT was called by food critic Matt Preston “the greatest comeback ever seen in MasterChef history”, Bowraville’s Billie McKay was crowned MasterChef 2015.

Billie's Masterchef win makes her the toast of Bowra

"Beautiful woman from a beautiful family. When you combine the Welsh and McKay families, great things..."

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THE NSW Government has backed down on plans to force greater responsibility for public drunkenness onto pubs, following lobbying from the alcohol industry.

State govt backs down on 'draconian' alcohol legislation

"It appears the negative outcomes from the over consumption of alcohol are every ones issue except the..."

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GAMBLERS in Coffs Harbour are spending more than $461 million on poker machines a year, making the area one of the state’s leading hotspots for pokies losses.

Coffs Harbour loses big time on the pokies

"Whenever a government tries to help problem gamblers, the poker machine lobby goes into overdrive. We..."

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BILL Shorten called this royal commission a witch hunt from the outset, and at first I was inclined to agree. But then came the undisclosed $40k donation.

OPINION: Royal commission or witch hunt?

"The Royal Commission into the bungled home insulation scheme, cost over $20 million and produced no new..."

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IS AUSTRALIAN tennis player Nick Kyrgios the next Pat Cash in terms of temper on the tennis court?

What is it with tennis players and bad tempers?

"Nick has enormous talent, that could make him one of the greats. He would not remember John McEnroe who..."

June 2015

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It seems to me that all teachers need to come in line with other working professions who also provide a service, like nurses, doctors, plumbers etc.

YOUR SAY: Teachers should work 9-5 like the rest of us

"I retired from teaching around four years ago. My normal day started at school between 7.30 am and 8..."

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