June 2015

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DALY Cherry-Evans has been axed from the Queensland side for the July 8 Origin decider.

Daly Cherry-Evans dropped from Maroons side for Origin III

"Best news I have heard all day."

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TAX time is nearly upon Sunshine Coast residents and the Australian Taxation Office is warning its focus will be on ensuring workers in every profession are doing the right thing.

Tax office warns of technology to scrutinise returns

"Yeah real great technology in place, my mother has been retired for thirteen year now and just last..."

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ALL that is needed for terrorism these days is a knife, a camera phone, a flag and a victim.

Death cult coming for us, says PM

"This guy reminds me so much of George W Bush it scares me."

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JOEL Uy has failed three driving tests, but he isn’t afraid of failing again if it means he’ll be a better driver.

What to expect from rigorous driving test changes

"This culture of watching the speedo rather than the road is a bigger threat to road users and these..."

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THE mother-in-law of terrorist Khaled Sharrouf has made an emotional plea to Prime Minister Tony Abbott to help bring her daughter and grandchildren home

Slain IS fighter's mum-in-law begs Abbott to save family

"Let them rot in their beloved cause, buggered if I would want these brain washed head clutching kids..."

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NEARLY half of Queenslanders have given up on owning their own home, a new survey has revealed

Nearly 50% of Qlders have given up on owning a home

"I wonder why ?, would it be the fact that land values have increased more 400% in the last 15 years. ..."

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HER Majesty may be slightly confused - Queensland has decided to change the date of her birthday celebration.

Labor Day, Queen's Birthday public holidays to be shifted

"Preferred Labor day to stay where it was moved, that way I could nurse my hangover from the NRL GF."

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