October 2016

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THE endless classical music while you're on hold, and then pre-recorded messages, can get very frustrating.

Are you one of 29 million who can't connect to Centrelink?

"On Tuesday at 10.20 I attempted to ring. After a number of busy signals, I got through. Surprisingly I..."

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$50 million plan to make trains more comfortable, reliable and modern, while also generating new jobs for the region.

FIRST LOOK: New XPT trains for the Northern Rivers

"So when will they come into the 21st century and take those trains all the way to Brisbane? "

May 2016

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Page MP Kevin Hogan says the State Government gaffe on CSG was regrettable but the average man and woman on the street realise CSG is "dead and buried".

ACTIVISTS: Politicians are 'mushrooms' on CSG intentions

"I really don't understand the double dissolution. Does this mean that the Northern Rivers could..."

October 2015

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NEGOTIATIONS with Metgasco to buy back its Northern Rivers exploration licences continue despite the official buyback program ending.

Negotiations with Metgasco continue despite end of buyback

"Thomas George... Always keen to get his face in a photo, always conspicuously absent when proving his..."

September 2015

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JENNY Dowell has predicted police and “a lot of government resources” would be needed in the event of Metgasco proceeding with plans to conduct seismic testing.

Mayor predicts backlash to Metgasco seismic testing

"Bring it on."

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OPINION: Our PM can make it hard to find the silver lining

"You lost me on the title..."

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August 2015

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IF it wasn’t for TAFE, Kathleen O’Brien says she may never have recovered from severe depression.

Mum whose life was changed by TAFE concerned about reforms

"My life has been changed by my TAFE experience too. Going back after having had a very full life, I had..."

June 2015

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