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"The killer is the price...I won't use REX unless someone else is paying the ticket price. Slower, more..."

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"Funny you ask that..but there is an element of rent a signature..it ran with the rent a crowd we had at..."

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"if you consider 1400 signatures is around 2.25% of the total number of people in the Clarence..."

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"Is 1400 really that big a petition if it has people from all over the world signing it. I am sure you..."

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"and louts leaving pubs with plastic cups that they deposit on the ground before driving home..possibly..."

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"I wonder where he will turn up next..anyone would think he is getting ready for an election...trying to..."

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"super is a compulsory thing paid by the employer. An employee doesn't have to put any extra in above..."

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"I am sure he is around somewhere with a shovel in hand. "

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