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"Maybe they should increase the red bin pick up rate or give us a larger red bin for the nappies..have..."

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"Me Thinks you need a bio-dome."

Commented on a story 4:27pm Aug 22nd

" This is one of those industry pipe dreams touted as a good idea by industry but if we look at the..."

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"I was kind of hoping for point to point teleportation before the train was built..so it can be a truly..."

Commented on a story 8:50am Aug 22nd

"Just 84 Billion....if it was rolled out at the speed of some of the much smaller projects..it would..."

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"There is work out there people just need to be willing to do it..too many of the younger generation..."

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"just some advice..don't stand next to the bat colony eating fruit..and you should be fine."

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"sadly being one of the poorest areas we need budget chains..especially large ones to employ more people..."

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"I think he is confused about rich and poor, city and country...more poor people get the train to Sydney..."

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