August 2015

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LABOR has called on the head of the royal commission into union corruption, Dyson Heydon, to disqualify himself after he was to speak at Liberal Party event

Labor demands commissioner resign over Liberal links

"Umm, arr, well, you see, umm arr, it's Labors fault....LOOK, a terrorist!. Tony Abbott, 2014-15."

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JUST a fortnight ago Mick McGillivray and John Plenkovich lived to tow each other into remote big waves, until they had an up-close experience with a shark.

Perfect wave fun turns to shark fear for lone surfers

""But moments before he jumped, a shark appeared from the depths below, nudging a back-up board they had..."

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THE ABC board has announced Q&A; will be moved to its news division after an investigation was launched into the broadcaster’s controversial program.

Q&A; to be subject to stricter guidelines

"'Our' ABC, is now Abbott's, stand over merchant yet again."

July 2015

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TREASURER Joe Hockey has been ordered to pay 85% of his own legal costs from his defamation battle with Fairfax Media.

Hockey slugged with big legal bill after defamation battle

"The boarding house pudding you mean?."

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JOE Hockey admits Speaker Bronwyn Bishop's decision to spend more than $5,000 on a helicopter trip to a political fundraiser does not pass the "sniff test".

Sorry Joe, but MPs' spending doesn't pass sniff test

"Do you mean like fancy curtains in a pigsty?."

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TO celebrate Bill Shorten's performance at the Royal Commission into Union Corruption, the ALP is releasing a commemorative "Countdown to Albo" calendar.

Labor announces "Countdown to Albo" calendar

"So Scott Morrison's new album, was it recorded at a Hillsong studio?, does it feature Justin Bieber at..."

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THE commercial buyback of CSG gas exploration licence PEL 445 could take years, Lismore MP Thomas George said.

Promised CSG buy-back could take years: George

"Does anyone want to use PEL445?. Do you know?."

June 2015

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ALL that is needed for terrorism these days is a knife, a camera phone, a flag and a victim.

Death cult coming for us, says PM

"So Abbott is slinging mud at his opposition, and telling us we could be under imminent terrorist..."

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IT JUST got a little harder to download television shows, movies or music after the government’s anti-piracy legislation passed through the Senate.

Anti-piracy laws pass the senate, but don't include VPNs

"How about looking at why so many Australian's turn to torrent sites in the first place?, this law is..."

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A SOURCE within Tony Abbott's staff has confirmed the Prime Minister originally thought payments to criminal organisations were for "budgie smugglers".

SATIRE: Abbott thought payments were for budgie smugglers

"It's not so funny when it could be true. I've only known one person to support or promote this..."

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