September 2015

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METROPOLITAN media coverage of sharks on the Northern Rivers coastline has been a "bloody disaster" Lennox Head-based State MP Catherine Cusack says.

Cusack lashes out at sensationalist treatment of shark story

""I don't see anything wrong with the headline", that's your problem."

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THE NSW Government says it "remains ready to continue negotiations in good faith with Metgasco" but has failed to answer any specific questions about the issue.

NSW Government's non-response to questions about Metgasco

"Side show Pete, back at it again on The Northern Rivers, same old act though, "Poking a hornet's nest..."

August 2015

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Labor demands commissioner resign over Liberal links

"Umm, arr, well, you see, umm arr, it's Labors fault....LOOK, a terrorist!. Tony Abbott, 2014-15."

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JUST a fortnight ago Mick McGillivray and John Plenkovich lived to tow each other into remote big waves, until they had an up-close experience with a shark.

Perfect wave fun turns to shark fear for lone surfers

""But moments before he jumped, a shark appeared from the depths below, nudging a back-up board they had..."

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THE ABC board has announced Q&A; will be moved to its news division after an investigation was launched into the broadcaster’s controversial program.

Q&A; to be subject to stricter guidelines

"'Our' ABC, is now Abbott's, stand over merchant yet again."

July 2015

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TREASURER Joe Hockey has been ordered to pay 85% of his own legal costs from his defamation battle with Fairfax Media.

Hockey slugged with big legal bill after defamation battle

"The boarding house pudding you mean?."

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JOE Hockey admits Speaker Bronwyn Bishop's decision to spend more than $5,000 on a helicopter trip to a political fundraiser does not pass the "sniff test".

Sorry Joe, but MPs' spending doesn't pass sniff test

"Do you mean like fancy curtains in a pigsty?."

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TO celebrate Bill Shorten's performance at the Royal Commission into Union Corruption, the ALP is releasing a commemorative "Countdown to Albo" calendar.

Labor announces "Countdown to Albo" calendar

"So Scott Morrison's new album, was it recorded at a Hillsong studio?, does it feature Justin Bieber at..."

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THE commercial buyback of CSG gas exploration licence PEL 445 could take years, Lismore MP Thomas George said.

Promised CSG buy-back could take years: George

"Does anyone want to use PEL445?. Do you know?."

June 2015

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ALL that is needed for terrorism these days is a knife, a camera phone, a flag and a victim.

Death cult coming for us, says PM

"So Abbott is slinging mud at his opposition, and telling us we could be under imminent terrorist..."

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