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"You are mistaken. At no stage was she threatened with violence by the guards. No one was threatened..."

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"Lets assume for a second that you guys were "baiting this guy", I'd much rather you attract and hold..."

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"I can't believe even after sobering up this "lady" doesn't understand what was happening around..."

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"oh dear, a PETA support, nuff said."

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"The alternatives to pounds is yearly culls of strays. Many places around the world do it this way..."

CLOSE to one in five impounded animals are euthanized in council-run pounds across the Northern Rivers last financial year.

Pounds in firing line

30 Oct 2014

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"Maybe.... but do you have an opinon on the Ludlow Massacre or Eureka Stockade? Not saying it's..."

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"Firing squad, plain and simple. Which innocent bystander or cross-fire cop did all those extra..."

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"Not a security guard but can sympathise, these people aren't drunks out to cause a riot in the name of..."

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"lol would be awesome to be in a business where you can mess it all up, waste everyones money, make all..."

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"How often have you seen police ready and waiting within 20m of a venue front door in Byron Bay? 1% of..."

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