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Commented on a story 1:13pm Oct 24th

"No Halah sticker = re-sold Kebab shop run by cheapskates or worse bigots who removed the good meat..."

Commented on a story 9:38am Oct 24th

"I'd contend that with the amounts they charge and the history of poor/suspect consumer advice. Heart..."

Commented on a story 9:37am Oct 24th

"My point stands that at a Kebab shop it indicates a place that at least has a cursory understanding of..."

Commented on a story 6:21am Oct 24th

"Don't forget Heart Foundation..... Although in that case I see them as nothing more than a scam to..."

Commented on a story 6:21am Oct 24th

"Lets try again.... My point was solely around the different between someone knowing their market and..."

Commented on a story 5:31am Oct 24th

"Sorry but it seems Northerstar has decided I'm not allowed to reply. "

Commented on a story 10:42am Oct 23rd

"It is a clear sign that the manufacturer and shop have at least has a cursory understanding of their..."

Commented on a story 9:40am Oct 23rd

"Shill that bubble. Buy Buy Buy!"

Commented on a story 6:06am Oct 23rd

""Outraged consumers" garbage. An army of bigots being directed by some shock-jock to generate faux..."

Commented on a story 5:09pm Oct 22nd

"Ahhh so you're happy to pay higher than market prices for your power as long as it comes from gas."

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