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"That's it, take away magistrate discretion. Only allow minimal police discretion. Minimum mandatory..."

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" picked up another 90,000 email address with full names? Neato for them I guess, nothing will..."

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"I'm a conservationist, not a preservationist. I just like wood, wood-gas, wood stoves and charcoal. If..."

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"If you heat it in a low oxygen environment then burn the smoke, yeah... like a good old stove or a good..."

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"Lets try this in terms of "business". Cash is dead weight, any unspent cash is losing it's value daily..."

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"The ability to repay the load is not in question. That is not why it was called in. This is common..."

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"Losing the Farm - ABC Landline DR GRAHAM JACOBS, WA MEMBER FOR EYRE: I've had farmers, as you've..."

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""All of these companies have enterprise bargaining agreements saying there will be no forced..."

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"Then you can go like the Gold Coast and rely on the revenue from fines so much that your parking..."

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