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"To be fair, any party that's not d.a authorized is going to attract the wrong attention (ahem..."

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"Cannabis is a depressant hey? Is that why countless of Americans and Canadians are prescribed..."

Commented on a story 5:16pm Apr 15th

"Baby boomers were by far the largest demographic to vote LNP last election, what are you dribbling..."

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"Yeah right, because people are just lining up to live in a suburb surrounded by gas fracking wells."

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"It's a safer bet than CSG!"

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"The science behind vaccination technology goes back centuries. Unfortunately those pharmaceutical..."

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"Ah yes, the old 'suck it up princess' comment. Please tell me more about how your home based, small..."

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"I see holes in this allegation already. Who would want to eat hash cookies and then eat a bunch of..."

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"+1 NorthernStar should be promoting encryption and basic internet / phone security. Did you know the..."

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""I'm happy with my 6-8mb download speed." Yeah great point. Why should we build freeways that can..."

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