August 2015

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AUSSIE actor Mel Gibson has reportedly lashed out at a Sydney photographer, spitting on her and telling her she was 'going to hell' in an expletive-laden tirade.

Mel Gibson goes on explosive rant at mother of three

"Yes how does a person sticking a camera in your face when you're out socially equate to - you park..."

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IF you're looking for a furry friend, a rescue animal from the RSPCA or another group is much cheaper than buying from a breeder or pet shop.

Adopt, don't shop for furry friend: save money and a life

"Desexing is the biggest issue and with the millions of dollars the RSPCA receive it's time they..."

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OUSTED speaker Bronwyn Bishop is under increased pressure from within her own party to quit politics altogether.

Bronwyn Bishop under pressure to quit politics from LNP

"Interesting it seems the Liberal Party have people back on track, attacking the Labor Party. It wasn't..."

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VOLUNTEERS and workers from neighbouring shires are the big losers in the new paid parking fee structure decided at a Byron Bay Council meeting on Thursday.

Byron stings locals with new paid parking scheme

"Why would anyone want to go to Byron for the day, when they're paying as though they're parking in the..."

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A RECORD number of early registrations have ushered in the revival of Grafton’s Midnight Basketball Tournament.

Midnight Basketball revival begins tonight

"What a great community initiative, good on all of those involved."

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BRONWYN Bishop’s Melbourne to Geelong helicopter flight may lead to MPs’ travel entitlements being overhauled, Tony Abbott has hinted.

Abbott hints at tougher travel rules after Bishop row

"This isn't just about Travel, what else are they rorting? Come on, what about the $60k (or thereabouts)..."

July 2015

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WHILE our indignant teeth gnash over Bronwyn Bishop’s penchant for helicopter travel, we can take solace in one simple fact...

Strange Politics: Chopper? How about porn and moat cleaning?

"Now if it was only one little chopper mistake, but it's not. The list gets added too. Maybe we need all..."

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FOR the past few weeks, I’ve reluctantly put online stories about a group of people trespassing and disrupting a military training exercise near Rockhampton.

COMMENT: Peace protesters dishonouring our soldiers

"If your a christian shouldn't you be for peace? Isn't it time Australia got back to having a 'defence..."

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