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"I'm in the upper Clarence and we've hardly had a tick this year. One cow had one tick in about Nov and..."

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"How good to hear someone use the correct terminology "hazard reduction" not "back burning" - hazard..."

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"What about the plantation timber what's happening with that. And how sustainably are they felling, lots..."

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"Absolutely agree, it's time for Independents that listen to us and represent us and not these party..."

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"Oh please "...has a plan for the safe and sustainable development of our local gas reserves." So you're..."

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"Not so, they are native to Australia and have a different lineage from the domestic dog. Ignorance is..."

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"Do you think maybe, just maybe it's time people stopped going to Fraser Island and left the dingoes..."

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"If he's saying Gulaptis just represents the Nationals, he's the same just representing Labor. What..."

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"New laws won't make people watch small children, it's only by the parents or caregivers being vigilant..."

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"I always freeze leftover chicken for chicken and veg pie, so I made turkey and veg pie, and also added..."

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