October 2015

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A SENATE committee has rejected a bill by the Greens to give landholders the right to say no to coal seam gas operations on their land.

Senate kills bill letting owners say no to CSG on their land

"I don't agree with the bill, because, while a landowner should have the right to say no, they haven't..."

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THE conga line of politicians parading through our region this week can mean only one thing – early election.

A conga line of pollies passes through - I smell an election

"What seems forgotten, is that the Labor leader is democratically elected by the members, not their..."

September 2015

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CLAD in tartan and covered in children, Maclean’s embattled Camphor Laurel trees were clearly the stars of the weekend’s Picnic in the Park.

Council urged to reconsider park revamp

"So if Maclean residents don't want an upgrade of their park, don't give them one, save the money and..."

August 2015

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AUSSIE actor Mel Gibson has reportedly lashed out at a Sydney photographer, spitting on her and telling her she was 'going to hell' in an expletive-laden tirade.

Mel Gibson goes on explosive rant at mother of three

"Yes how does a person sticking a camera in your face when you're out socially equate to - you park..."

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IF you're looking for a furry friend, a rescue animal from the RSPCA or another group is much cheaper than buying from a breeder or pet shop.

Adopt, don't shop for furry friend: save money and a life

"Desexing is the biggest issue and with the millions of dollars the RSPCA receive it's time they..."

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OUSTED speaker Bronwyn Bishop is under increased pressure from within her own party to quit politics altogether.

Bronwyn Bishop under pressure to quit politics from LNP

"Interesting it seems the Liberal Party have people back on track, attacking the Labor Party. It wasn't..."

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