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Commented on a story 10:55am Sep 18th

"I did read it, surely clubs can think of other ways to raise money for other organizations, tho I guess..."

Commented on a story 7:20am Sep 18th

"yet another club copying some idea that they hope will make money, next we'll see our local politicians..."

Commented on a story 7:20am Sep 18th

"most of these vehicle's owners do the right thing, they display a orange flag so we can at least see..."

Commented on a story 7:19am Sep 18th

"are any of our so called local politicians going to enter this debate on how to keep this x hospital..."

Commented on a story 9:58am Sep 17th

"there'll be no floods this year or any other year cos the FCRC said so, then again, I might change my..."

Commented on a story 9:58am Sep 17th

"I'd love to see this sawmill back in action, as I serviced a few times out that way, their tyres on..."

Commented on a story 9:29am Sep 17th

"Talk is cheap, now let's see if our FCRC gets it act together and actually finish some they started, or..."

Commented on a story 1:48pm Sep 16th

"maybe his mum was run over by a drunk driver when he was a cub, mmmmmm makes sense "

Commented on a story 7:43am Sep 16th

"Out of all the people who fail to understand this, the courts now have to start handing out sentences..."

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