August 2015

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LETTER: Tony Burke, the ALP guy who spearheaded Bronwyn Bishop’s downfall, took his family on a taxpayer-funded holiday.

LETTER: Are there any pollies who aren't rorting the system?

"my assumption is that the lower the food chain concerning our pollies is less, but they are learning..."

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“We want local people in communities around Wide Bay to join the Green Army and work on local projects in our region,” Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said.

Call for Green Army workers to start projects in the region

"Gee Vagabond, long as Qantas flights can bring and take him back home, me thinks he'll be no where to..."

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ALMOST one person every day was assaulted or harassed by someone breaching a domestic violence order on the Fraser Coast in June, according to police figures.

A domestic violence order breached almost every day

"The paper isn't worth the print, I feel the courts should jail any DV order breaker on the spot, and..."

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A PROTEST is expected at the Brolga Theatre today as the council auctions about 31 properties in an effort to recover more than $500,000 in unpaid rates.

Council to auction homes to recover unpaid rates

"Trouble is with a 4 year rate freeze, at the end of that period we'd be hit with a rate rise we again..."

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It was the hounding from fellow parliamentarians and the media blitz that made her decide to quit.

LETTER: Probe all pollies' travel entitlements after Bishop

"gee, investigate the wealth of money Australia could save if all our pollies were to be honest, a 10..."

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SO, the cat problem has raised its ugly head again.

OPINION: Locking up cats is cruel

"Is it not also cruel to see our birds tracked and eaten by cats, wonder what the bird thinks, the bird..."

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EDITORIAL: What I find awful is the fact this man didn’t apologise for killing a beautiful and protected creature, but for killing one that was well known.

EDITORIAL: Hunting beautiful animals isn't appealing

"what's that grandpa, I think it's a lion boy, they used to roam in the wild once, but man killed them..."

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THE Fraser Coast Regional Council is looking for volunteers to care for Moolyyir Creek in Urangan.

Council seeks group to care for Urangan's Moolyyir Creek

"seems to me the council is not abiding by it's own rules and regulations as to cleaning up this area..."

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Mr Truss chartered a one-way flight between Port Macquarie and Sydney last Thursday afternoon, despite other politicians catching commercial flights.

MP's fly Qantas but Truss spends thousands to charter plane

"another clown who flouts the so called perks, he should now be put under the microscope as should all..."

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MARYBOROUGH’S Kasey Dietz has donned her bikini in an effort to remind road users to exercise caution when driving near horses and riders.

Bikini to drive the message: slow down for horses

"I was always told to slow down, stop and allow the horse and rider to pass your vehicle, or have I been..."

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