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"The big question and one that will have Labor Pollies shaking in their boots is. How will the overflow..."

Commented on a story 12:40pm Oct 31st

"Because like me, he probably learnt what the Labor party is really like."

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Commented on a story 8:14pm Oct 29th

"Considering I am female, I am finding it hard to make sense of your first line. Seing I don't belong..."

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"Gillard played the victim in the Union Invesigation and in Paliament. Women do not earn the respect of..."

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"Wait until they find out the cost of electricity per kw compared to Japan. Or ae the rate payers going..."

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"Legacy of another well thoughtout Labor and Greens knee jerk reaction."

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"Just wondering if Clive has restocked his supply of Huge Dummies, he certinatly spits plenty of..."

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"Have you read a different story? 70% won't vote for Clive."

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"Reguardless of who should be allowed to enter Australia from the Ebola Areas, if or when Australia..."

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