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"Agree 100% JH, the average grey nomad spends most of his/her pension on fuel to tow the big, ugly..."

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"Crikey Big-Picture, and here I was thinking big business was owned by shareholders like you and me and..."

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"Looks like we've got quite a slanging match going Councillor, so my last words. You seem to think..."

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"So tell me Craig, does this "social conscience" of yours extend to the citizens who have worked very..."

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"Sorry councillor, but you should get out more and broaden your mind, we actually live in one of the..."

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"No wonder our pools are running up big losses, now ratepayers will be picking up the tab for those..."

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"Sickening -no wonder in this day and age religion is almost extinct, seems its all about sex and wars..."

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"Can't you have "some fun" without alcohol?"

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"Local council should have fixed the problem years ago! Yet here we have a local counsellor worried..."

LANDOWNERS could be given the right to shoot flying foxes on their properties under new legislation the NSW Government will introduce next week.

Bats put on death row

24 Oct 2014

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"Steve, it may have been OK for a beach with nobody on it to be used as a road but times change, these..."

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