Paralysed kitten gets Lego Wheels

Video Published: 13 May 2016

New York vets create a Lego wheelchair for Mac the paralysed kitten.

Kitten, Lego, Wheelchair

Amputee creates a Lego prosthetic leg

Video Published: 9 Aug 2013

Christina Stephens has created a prosthetic leg from Lego blocks. Video: funfactorpoint | YouTube Music: Kevin MacLeod

Amputation, Lego, Prosthetic Limb, Viral Video, Youtube

Child smashes $20,000 lego statue

Story Published: 2 Jun 2016

The statue took three whole days and nights to build - knocking it down was much quicker.

Editors Picks, Knocked, Lego, Statue

Lego cake goes viral, UK bakery overrun by requests

Story Published: 16 Jun 2015

A LONDON bakery has been forced to make a public appeal for people to stop contacting them after making a cake out of...

Baking, Cake, Editors Picks, Lego

WATCH: Paralysed kitten gets Lego wheelchair

Story Published: 13 May 2016

PREPARE yourself for today's dose of cuteness overload - a tiny ginger kitten on Lego wheels.

Editors Picks, Kitten, Lego

Lego builds on Minecraft structure

Story Published: 8 Jun 2015

TWO things must be said about Lego Worlds to begin.

Games And Gadgets, Lego, Lego Worlds, Minecraft

Angrier Lego faces can impact how children play

Story Published: 4 Jun 2013

THE faces of Lego mini-figures are getting angrier, says a University of Canterbury robot researcher.

Children, Editors Picks, Lego, Playtime, Toys

Lego to launch reality TV show and give Batman his own movie

Story Published: 15 Oct 2014

LEGO has announced that their next venture will be into television with a TV series in 2015 and that they are “focusing on...

Batman, Lego, The Lego Movie

Sydney Opera House recreated as supersized LEGO model

Story Published: 18 Jun 2013

THE LEGO Group is set to pay homage to one of the greatest buildings of the 20th century when it debuts a new Sydney Opera...

Editors Picks, Lego, Sydney Opera House

Barbie, transformers and lego lead top toys of all time

Story Published: 13 Nov 2013

REMEMBER the days where your toy room was scattered with Lego, barbies and transformers? Apparently you wouldn't be the...

Barbie, Christmas, Editors Picks, Lego, Toys, Transformers