Scientist shoots at himself

Video Published: 28 Jan 2016

Physicist Andreas Wahl set out to show bullets travel at a much slower speed underwater by allowing a submerged gun to be...

Guns, Science

Beef burger created in university laboratory

Video Published: 6 Aug 2013

The cultured beef burger was cooked in front of an invited audience.

Beef, Meat, Science, Synthetic Meat

Scientists could announce 'ripples in fabric of spacetime'

Story Published: 10 Feb 2016

SCIENTISTS could be about to announce that they have observed gravitational waves, or ripples in the fabric of...

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Scientists debunk a key theory of evolution

Story Published: 26 Aug 2016

New research, published in the journal Nature Communications, appears to have turned this theory on its head.

Evolution, Science

Europeans have only had white skin for 8000 years

Story Published: 8 Apr 2015

EUROPEANS have not always been light skinned, and Caucasians are in fact a fairly new development on the continent...

Editors Picks, Race, Science, Skin

Cannabis use could implant false memories, scientists warn

Story Published: 28 Apr 2015

CANNABIS use can lead to people remembering things that never happened, according to a new study.

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Breakthrough in editing' DNA to fight off deadly illnesses

Story Published: 28 Jul 2015

A REVOLUTIONARY technique for “editing” the human genome has been used for the first time to “cut and paste” the genes of a...

Deadly Illness, Dna, Science

Australian astronaut questions Mars One project

Story Published: 14 Mar 2016

THE first Australian to go in to space has questioned whether the entrepreneurial Mars One project is 'morally...

Mars, Science, Space

Wonder pill for healthy diets

Story Published: 14 Jan 2016

WITH one pop of this new pill you will be able to tailor your diet to what food works best for you.

Dieting, Health, Rmit, Science

Two species of sea snake feared extinct found off WA

Story Published: 24 Dec 2015

A MACKAY scientist has found two species of sea snake which had been feared extinct.

Mackay, Marine Life, Science, Sea Snake, Snakes, Western Australia