Tourists the winner over price war

Story Published: 8 Nov 2011

IT IS the best time to go on a cruise from Australia with a war having started on our shores, according to a travel...

Cruise, Escape Travel, Price War, Tweed City

JPs back and ready to witness

Story Published: 18 Jan 2012

THEY'RE upstanding, respected and trusted members of the community.

Centro Tweed, Justices Of The Peace, Tweed City

Boxing Day sales off to a slow start on the Tweed

Story Published: 26 Dec 2012

BOXING Day sales started slowly today with Tweed City shopping centre stores reporting steady but relatively sluggish sales...

Boxing Day Sales, Shopping, Tweed City

Blackout in Tweed as transformer fails

Story Published: 18 Dec 2012

BLACKOUTS have affected parts of Tweed with the power outage causing commotion on the roads and in shopping centres.

Blackout, Shopping Centre, Tweed City

Shoppers out in force in the 11th hour before Christmas

Story Published: 25 Dec 2012

SHOPPERS were out in force in the lead up to Christmas with many taking advantage of the extended trading hours.

Shoppers, Shopping, Tweed City

Carrying cross no burden for John

Story Published: 23 Apr 2011

John Van De Leur and a group of devout Christians walked from Tweed City to Jack Evans Boat Harbour yesterday to remind...

Boat Harbour, Easter, Jack Evans, John Van De Leur, Tweed City

Game over for Tweed store

Story Published: 1 Jun 2012

TWEED City games store GAME has gone into voluntary administration.

Business, Games Store, Tweed City, Voluntary Administration

Spring fashions on show

Story Published: 10 Sep 2011

SPRING fashion has taken centre stage at Tweed City with fans of fashion gathering to hear the latest trends, tips and...

Fashion, Spring, Tweed City, Workshop

Elderly woman left on the side of the road after incident

Story Published: 19 Dec 2012

AN ELDERLY woman was left on the side of the road after possibly being hit by a car or falling into traffic yesterday.

Gary Cowan, Police, Tweed City

Knife wielded in liquor store robbery at Tweed

Story Published: 4 Dec 2012

TWEED police are investigating the use of a knife in the robbery of two bottles of bourbon from a South Tweed Heads...

Knife, Liquor, Robbery, Tweed City