About us

About us

The Tweed Daily News has been established since 1888 and is an active part of the Tweed Shire community. We are dedicated to covering the Tweed and southern Gold Coast area every day with our constantly-updated website and our Saturday print edition of the Tweed Daily News.

The Daily News is part of the Tweed Newspaper Company which also produces the free weekly title the Tweed Daily News Community Edition, out every Wednesday.

The Tweed Newspaper Company has a strong focus on providing quality, must-read editorial that reflects the feelings, interests and events of our region. The style is informative and interesting, while still maintaining a friendly, entertaining and local feel.

Sections of the newspaper include liftouts like Domain, as well as sections including sport, business and entertainment.


The Tweed Daily News started life in 1888 as the Tweed and Brunswick Advocate and the South Queensland Record made its appearance at the end of October in 1888.

The paper was started by William Robert Baker who had worked on newspapers in the Grafton District. Mr Baker and his two apprentices Norman MacKinon and James McLeod set about producing the paper that was the forerunner to today's Tweed Daily News.

The paper started as a weekly paper, then a bi-weekly, and over the years changed names, owners and formats several times. However, on the first day of January in 1914, the bi-weekly papers were combined to introduce the district's first daily newspaper - The Tweed Daily, which is now known as My Daily News online and the Daily News on Saturdays since December 2011.

During more than 115 years of operations, the Tweed Daily News has stayed abreast of modern newspaper techniques and after the early days of patiently setting every letter by hand, it took a major step forward in 1970 when it became the second daily newspaper in Australia to install an offset printing press. Nowadays publishing is done on a computer system and the company's papers are printed at our sister site in Yandina.

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