23 December - 20 January

Express your individuality today but be careful if you have the urge to lash out when a disagreement or argument breaks out. Someone who is a nuisance may need to be set straight. Setting boundaries is a theme and your discussions could be rather tense. You have an opportunity to enter into exciting new area of professional activity, but you also need psychological balance to deal with different types of people now. Be honest and pursue your relationships with fairness and integrity. A new code of conduct in friendships is likely at this time. Learn to count on yourself, not the lottery. You need to deal with dominant individuals.


21 January - 19 February

Old feelings are stirring and you need to know how to manage that. Just because there's a revival of affection for someone doesn't mean you can necessarily turn back the hands of time. Try appreciating what you had without damaging the present or future by rehashing what's already over. This requires self-control. Forbidden knowledge may only be off-limits because it gives you an advantage over others. You will contribute to your surroundings and the mood of others. You're inclined to avoid serious discussions or real disagreements with others. Don't make too much of this though or you'll find yourself revolving in mental circles.


20 February - 20 March

An increased concern about aging, the passage of time, or the limitations of your body make you more serious and more earnest about doing what is important and essential. This is a result of so many planets currently in your 12th house. You may have less energy or a health challenge which forces you to choose what is really important to you. Something you do now may have others talking about you - for good or otherwise so exercise caution with your speech. You're reluctant to travel and disperse yourself too freely but may need to get out and about to complete some chores. Begrudging the situation will only make the chores more difficult.


21 March - 20 April

There may be a shift from working with younger people to those more serious or advanced in age. Or, you may seek employment with an older, highly respected and well-established corporation. Parents, influential people, and those affiliated with city government or politics may play an important role in your life or career at present so remain open to where you can both help others and help yourself at the same time. The lunar transit in your domestic sphere in excellent aspect to Jupiter is very fortuitous for reconnecting with family members and enjoying the company of relatives. Take time to develop your skills of empathy at this time.


21 April - 21 May

Whatever you need now can easily be acquired as Venus transits your 10th house of professional activities. Your charming ways will be inherent in your conduct and without too much said others will be more than happy to generously offer what you need. You also have a flirtatious nature while Venus transits the air sign of Gemini and being curious now could lead you to meet interesting and possibly even unusual people. An excellent aspect from Mercury to your Sun sign shows that your communication hits the mark with those you happen to come across socially. It also means you will have the ability to capitalise on this financially.


22 May - 21 June

You could be tempted by bold new enterprise in which some of your assets or belongings may become part of the risk. What sort of return on investment are you looking at? Speculation is fine but look ahead and under no circumstances 'sell off the farm', which could later become a cash cow for you. Generally though, this is a good time for any sort of buying, selling and negotiation of all kinds but exercise care and don't be afraid to ask some additional questions if you are dealing with people you are not familiar with. Many of your relationships will now reflect some of your inner challenges so it's time to get to work on deeper issues.


22 June - 23 July

Casual good looks are the way to go in personal presentation now. You needn't dress to the nines to make a good impression, but classic simplicity will give you just the right image to get what you want. Any form of pretense will be seen through the will not work to your advantage especially if you’re trying to secure business and want to make the right sort of impression on your associates. The essence is not to stand out as something different, but rather to do what everyone else is doing, only better. You are emotionally invested in how you come across to others but don’t let this overshadow your reasoning powers.


24 July - 23 August

By studying your dietary patterns, you'll come across the reason for your body feeling a little out of sorts. With Jupiter still transiting your sixth house of health and diet, you’ll be able to dramatically improve your well-being by keeping a diary and noting the correlation between your food and your physical and emotional states. Incidentally, it may not be your style to hand out money to everyone who asks for it, but occasionally you'll come across a very worthy cause. Impressive opportunities are likely to be coming your way in areas that you'd never expected. Job-related goals and financial activities are productive.


24 August - 23 September

You feel that the foundation on which your goals are built are a little shaky. When your confidence is wavering, look to the people who you admire, or aspire to be like, and ask yourself what you have in common with them. Clarify your ambitions. You may be tentative about driving somewhere, especially if you’ve never been there before. Close ties, with those in positions of authority, can be of beneficial help and assistance during the next few days. There's a possibility of renewed emotional feelings as you develop a bond with a new person. If your energy levels are low, the amount of sleep won't be as important as the quality.


24 September - 23 October

Even if you don’t always express a great deal of love or sentiment to your children verbally, this is a wonderful time to do so. Children may be moody or exhibit what appears to be deceptive behaviour especially while the Moon transits your 4th and 5th house today and over the next day or so. It’s time to connect with youngsters and discuss matters on their terms, especially if you feel they’ve been distant. This could be a good time to get out and meet someone new as well. Love is in the air and the opportunities are boundless with these current transits. These transits could also make you somewhat moody yourself.


24 October - 22 November

Futuristic ideas and social reform have a way of changing your life now and this could continue for quite some time while Uranus, the revolutionary planet transits your 6th house of schedules and self organisation. This is a reflex action on your professional activities as it also relates to facets of your working life. Friends or groups you associate with have an element of mystery or idealism about them - perhaps an aura of the mystical or psychic, or even a certain amount of deception. You become involved with causes you believe in. The Moon in your 3rd house of travels now makes you pretty restless for change.


23 November - 22 December

Speaking up is the only way you'll gain the support you want now. For fear of upsetting the apple cart, you may have bitten your tongue for far too long in a situation that you realise must change as soon as possible. Unknown to you there are others who feel exactly as you do and you have their support today by telling it as it is. Fearlessness is your keyword today. With the North node transiting your third house, you may have an interest in languages and travelling to areas that are usually “off-limits”. You have a spirit of adventure at the moment and you should take the opportunity to explore what is on offer. with Dadhich