22 June - 23 July

A lifestyle change requires a shift in mental attitude, not just a new wardrobe and furniture. Ask yourself the truth in a motivation for assuming this novel cultural outlook. If it�s a natural progression in your life that�s perfectly fine. But if you're doing this to win brownie points by impressing someone, you've got it all wrong. Your goal or mission is indicated by the talents and strengths you have within your character and identifying them will help lead you to your true purpose. The transit of Uranus through your 10th house self-development oscillates between extremes now. Anchor yourself.


24 July - 23 August

It's time to put a friend in the hot seat and test their loyalty today. But be careful because this could backfire and the test of loyalty may also be thrown back at you. Actually, you won't be surprised to find they come out with flying colours so there's no harm in putting others on notice and increasing your own self-esteem. The financial note, a business or monetary plan you've been mulling over is about to move to the next level. A new Moon is about to take place shortly in your Sun sign now and this is significant is indicates a shift in your self-awareness and an opening of a new chapter of your life.


24 August - 23 September

While the Sun, Mars, and Mercury transit your 12th house, there�s a lesson or message for you in some foreign film, art form or unusual culture but you have to fling open the doors of your mind and look deeply at what is on offer. You may even meet someone who is a fringe dweller on society or someone from another country or district who things very differently to you. You may have started to slip into a comfort zone in which you could stagnate and so the change in intermingling with different people will be a welcome lift to your intellectual activities. Try something different seems to be the message.


24 September - 23 October

Self-love sometimes means pampering yourself and putting your money where your mouth is. But you may, in fact, have enough love from those special friends around you now while three planets transit your zone of social interaction now. It�s okay however to spend a little time beautifying yourself and making a statement about how you truly see yourself. By making a gift to yourself you assert your worthiness to the universe and this, in turn, comes back to enhance and ennoble yours through the very assertion you make! The whole process of karma is related to the theory life reflecting back what we give out.


24 October - 22 November

This period is significant and re-affirms the qualities, which make you who you are. It's the beginning of another important cycle in which you assert your dreams and ambitions and share them with your most cherished partner. Long-term plans will be a strong focus over the coming days and months. Right now the fiery planets Sun and Mars, of which Mars is one of your ruling planets, increase in the direction of strength bringing with them more confidence and ability to achieve these plans. Far from being a burden, the more work you have now the more you�ll feel satisfied that you are achieving more and more.


23 November - 22 December

Any gloominess or pessimism about your love life requires immediate attention, your biggest obstacle now is apathy or laziness which can be accounted for by the retrograde movement of Saturn in your Sun sign. Stop meandering through the mental scenarios of how it "should of, could of, might have" been and deal with people and life events face to eye face to tell them how you feel and accept things as they are. Your circular emotional arguments aren't going to change the reality of any relationship and communication is the supreme key to solving any love problems. But that communication has to be reciprocated.


23 December - 20 January

You have an unexpected ally in your midst but may be completely unaware of it. Hidden things are revealed when planets transit your 8th house as the Sun, Mars, and Mercury are doing right now. Don't blow off your rivals too hastily because as the old adage goes, your enemy�s enemy is your friend. Someone else once said that you should keep your enemies even closer to you than friends. But you need to know how to strategise your next moves. A dispute or re-negotiation may eventually work out in your favour. Hold onto your horses. Emotional calm returns after a slight roller coaster this past couple of days.


21 January - 19 February

Check your travel bonuses today as three or four planets are congregating in the western part of your horoscope which unbeknownst to many astrologers does relate to travel or change. The Sun and Mars continue to challenge you in your relationships however because they are fiery and combative by nature. You need to decompress any volatile emotional situation now by being the peacemaker. This may require you to put aside your ego and for the sake of calm allowing someone else to at least temporarily have their say and think that they are the winner. Biting your tongue will be hard but will be worth it.


20 February - 20 March

Your career ambitious and work schedule requires more of you than you expected now that Saturn has turned retrograde and is in your 10th house of profession the responsibilities may seem even greater. Your employers certainly want their pound of flesh. At times you�re going to feel that this is completely unwarranted but fear may hold you back from saying anything. On one level, if you�re committed to the profession and ideals of your work, this will strengthen you in the long run. If you've sold your soul for the 'buck' and only work for money, this is a tough period. Start doing what you love.


21 March - 20 April

The Sun has just transited into your fifth house along with Mars so you are dynamic now and possibly even wanting some heavy duty competition to keep you on your toes. A pressing problem arises on the domestic front as the Moon now also enters this volatile combination. Family members, probably older women, need help and guidance through a tough period of their lives. You don't need to say a word � simply being there and sharing your time and love will be ample support for the person in question today. Give them a call first.


21 April - 21 May

Financial loopholes don't often slip by your critical mind and eye these days. Today, however, remain alert to the possibility of some veiled or hidden clauses in contracts and discussions. You may be a little too confident about your position and may need to play devil�s advocate in any negotiations now. Re-phrase your questions and don't be afraid to ask the pertinent questions especially with Jupiter still transiting your sixth house of debts. Excessive optimism won�t help you now. It's a day of disclosure and truth for you.


22 May - 21 June

The mental confusion over relationship issues isn�t yet passing but your new identity is emerging, as a result, some of the important lessons you learned over the past few months. Loved ones may have wanted you to change and in doing so, they may not have been prepared for the outcome � the new you! Strangely, Venus in your Sun sign makes you even more appealing than you were before so whatever you�re doing you should perhaps keep doing it. Adjusting to this new identity will be just as difficult for you as it is for them.

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