10 of the worst wedding day disasters

GETTING hitched without a hitch. That's the aim, right?

Right. But according to Reddit users, some nightmare wedding guests tried their hardest to ruin the big days of brides and grooms.

Behold, 10 of the most awful, awkward, day-destroying ways wedding guests have behaved.

1 When a hungry stranger snatches the cake
"I went to this wedding that I really didn't want to go to and this random middle-aged woman takes the top part of the cake and scurries away," sorry_my_bad writes. "Like, doesn't even take a car. She just runs. Away. On foot. With a third of a wedding cake in her hands. It took awhile for people to notice but apparently no one knew her."

2 When you have the mother-in-law from hell
"We had a small wedding, officiated by a friend of ours. My MIL [mother-in-law] sat there and rolled her eyes the entire time," Drake Maijstral writes. "Guess who wanted us to have a large, lavish, and expensive wedding? Neither my wife nor I were amused."

3 When your friend had such a nice time at her wedding she wears her wedding dress to yours
"My old roommate wore her wedding dress to my wedding," parkitintherear writes. "Not a dress that was white or looked like a wedding dress. The actual dress she wore to her wedding a few months earlier. Who does that?"

4 When you don't actually know that random couple
"At my best friend's wedding, one couple showed up, signed the guest log, which has the marrying couple's names on it, sat down, and then finally realized about five minutes later that they were at the wrong wedding when they didn't recognize anyone."cereal130 writes. "My buddy and his new wife actually thought it was pretty funny and will point out the random couple's names to people if that story comes up."

5 When your cousin spills a lot of wine in a very bad place
"My cousin swiped one of our gifts, a $800 3-litre bottle of wine, opened it, and as she was walking toward where everyone was sitting, she tripped and proceeded to spill a good amount of it all over my wife's wedding dress," nosexpantherbyodeon writes. "Luckily, it was at the very end of the night. We remind her of this every holiday she is at our house by giving her a plastic cup with a lid on it to use."

6 When not everyone is invited, but everyone invites everyone anyway
"People writing in the names of other people to their RSVP," tmilligan10 writes. "People adding the uninvited children, or a +1 they didn't receive is pretty normal. Rude ... but normal. I've had people add an entirely different couple to their RSVP. Like they wanted to double-date or something. It was ridiculous."

7 When guests turn up looking super chill
"One of my bridesmaids' boyfriends came to the wedding in jeans and a short-sleeve button-up that wasn't even buttoned," lightningface writes. "It was not a black-tie wedding by any means, but buy some khakis for God's sake!"

"My wife brother came to my wedding in a white V-neck and cargo shorts. Yup," LaPiscinaDeLaMuerte writes.

"A friend showed up in jeans and a basketball jersey,"YoshiSparkle writes. "Not that it was a black-tie wedding or anything, but I thought it was common knowledge that jeans are explicitly NOT wedding attire unless otherwise specified (I've seen some country-themed weddings encourage jeans and boots, for instance). The weirdest thing is that he was a decent amount older than the rest of our friend group too - we were mostly 22-23 and he was 31 or something."

8 When bridesmaids ditch the party because they have better things to do
"Two of my wife's bridesmaids left after the ceremony to 'get pizza' for two hours," topper12_42 wrote. "We couldn't announce the party. [That was] three years ago; wife hasn't spoken to them since."

9 When Drunk Ed turns up and turns the party into an IRL soap episode
"So my wife and I are literally mid-first dance and Ed's angry voice begins to get loud enough to draw attention. I look over and he is getting very riled up at one of my college roommates. After a very short time it becomes clear that Ed believes my old roommate slept with his cousin (these two had never even come close to crossing paths so that obviously hadn't happened). And anyways, I'm thinking that's a somewhat odd thing to get mad about unless maybe she's underaged or married, but I'm not sure. But anyways it turns out, no, he is mad because HE is sleeping with his cousin and she's off-limits, at which point my old roommate punched him straight in the stomach. This sends Ed into a whirl looking for somewhere to puke (not even sure how he's this drunk, must have flashed the service or something). And in his frantic state, he toppled, over swiping my wedding cake off the table with him, puking all the while. And that's how Ed took the cake of being a sh*tty guest."

10 When the hell mother-in-law says what no one should
"My MIL saw my wedding dress and told me I should get another one because it was too plain and my future husband would be disappointed when he saw me walking down the aisle :(,"

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