Charlotte (not her real name) was brutally raped by her father who was jailed in 2015. Picture: Adam Davies
Charlotte (not her real name) was brutally raped by her father who was jailed in 2015. Picture: Adam Davies

12-year-old raped by dad: their 'special little game'

CHARLOTTE is too young to fully understand the true nature of the heinous crimes committed against her.

But she knows what happened was wrong.

She cannot comprehend why she sometimes goes from being a happy little 12-year-old girl to being upset, sad and angry.

But there is a reason . . . a reason over the coming years she will begin to understand and that is when the flashbacks could start flooding her mind.

Charlotte's father brutally and sadistically raped her when she was seven-years-old.

But it was his sick and twisted decision to film himself committing unspeakable crimes against his daughter that brought him undone.

He was sentenced in the Brisbane District Court earlier this month to seven years and three months behind bars for his crimes against his innocent little girl.

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Queensland law prevents APN Newsdesk from naming him.

APN Newsdesk travelled to visit Charlotte and her mother Jane this week after immense public interest in their wellbeing was expressed over social media following the sentence.

Charlotte and Jane now live in Northern NSW after being forced to flee Queensland shortly after the crimes came to light and the offender was granted bail.

Jane said her daughter was still trying to come to terms with what her father did to her.

She said her daughter's fits of rage, emotional meltdowns and self-harming had started to dissipate, but she was under no illusion how tough the road ahead for them both will be.

Charlotte was with her father during an access visit when the crimes took place at his then-partner's home on the Sunshine Coast.

It is understood the heinous crimes occurred between 2009 and 2010, but they were only uncovered in December 2012, before his eventual arrest in May 2013.

Charlotte's father, who lived in Ipswich, was granted bail and allowed to go back living with his then-partner and her children, less than 100m from a primary school.

"I do not know if she will even be able to have children when she gets older because of what that monster did to her," Jane said.

"As she gets older she will begin to understand what exactly happened, but I fear despite all the love and support she will have it will never truly be over for her.

"If anything the nightmare is just started."

Mother Jane and Charlotte (not thier real names)
Mother Jane and Charlotte (not thier real names)

Jane said she was still dealing with what happened to her little girl herself, both emotionally and mentally.

She said having to watch the recording at the police station her former husband made raping his daughter was one of the most harrowing experiences of her life.

"There are no words to describe how I felt when I watched that tape," she said.

"The images are burnt into my mind.

"I had tears rolling down my face and all I could think was that is my beautiful baby.

"I have no doubt whatsoever she was drugged at the time.

"She was flat on the bed with her hands on her sides . . . there was absolutely no emotion in her face whatsoever.

"How could a father do that to his own daughter? He is just an evil monster."

APN Newsdesk has chosen not to reveal the contents of the recording given its graphic nature, but the offending did involve penile rape.

Charlotte, who asked if she could speak with APN Newsdesk, said her father told her what he was doing was their "special little game."

He told her not to tell anyone, especially her mother.

"I do not understand what he did but I know what he did was wrong," she said.

"I do not think about it anymore because it upsets me.

"I never want to see my father again and I am glad he is in jail."

COMMENT: Justice will be served either way

Charlotte, who said she wanted to be a songwriter when she grew older, said she was much happier these days living in the country looking after her animals.

But the nightmares and mutterings in her sleep have not gone away, just yet.

"Some days are great but other days I get upset and I do not know what I am getting upset about," she said.

"I never want to see that person again.

"I always thought dads were meant to look after their little girls . . . Protect them, not hurt them."

Jane, who moved five times in nine months to escape her former-husband's tentacles, said it got to the stage where she simply had to flee, for her own safety and that if her daughter.

She was critical of the system which she claimed allowed her former husband to continually taunt and harass them while on bail.

"The stupidest thing about this is because Charlotte was his biological daughter, by law, I had to tell him where we moved to," she said.

"I was horrified he actually got bail.

"How can a person who is charged with those types of offences be allowed to roam free in the community.

"After a while I just got sick of it and went off the radar.

"We moved down here (Northern NSW) and started a new life.

"I just had to do it . . . I was looking over my shoulder every second and was just a nervous wreck."

Jane said she had started rebuilding her shattered life to ensure Charlotte was well looked after and lived in an environment where she felt loved and protected.

"Charlotte is still undergoing weekly counselling which is really helping," she said.

"For me personally, I do not trust anyone anymore and I do not think I could trust another person around Charlotte.

"That is the sacrifice I have made to ensure my little girl is never hurt again and that does not bother me at all . . . it was an easy decision.

"We may not have much as in the way of money and the like, but Charlotte will always have an environment where she is safe and that is the main thing.

"She will always have a place to call home." 

*Charlotte and Jane are not their real names.*


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