$20m Banora Pt lotto winner reveals she will buy new mobile

UPDATE 2:29pm:

The winner of the $20million dollar ticket is a woman from northern New South Wales.

She is a regular Powerball player who had registered her entry to her Players Club card and was completely shocked to discover she was starting 2015 as a multi-millionaire.

"It's unbelievable! I didn't think I'd ever be a multi-millionaire let alone that I would start this year with $20 million in my bank account," the winner confessed.

"I regularly play Powerball and only after checking the numbers on my winning ticket I realised that two of them are significant - the Powerball number 6 is a lucky number as is number 24.

"This is a life changing win so I'm going to take some time to think about how best to invest my prize money.

"Even though I'm still in shock I've already decided that I'm going to help out my family and treat myself to a new mobile phone!" she laughed.

The winning numbers were 18, 24, 25, 27, 32 and 34; the Powerball was number 6.


A $20million dollar winning lotto ticket has been sold at Banora Point News Agency.

The lucky punter, who's name has not been formally released, won Thursday night's division one Powerball.

Banora Point News Agency owner John Stubbs was excited to find out early this morning he had sold the single entry ticket.

"It was at 5:30am this morning when I logged onto the lotto terminal, it had come up that a first division had gone off," Mr Stubbs said.

"It tells you which state and then which agency, and I had to have a second look at it because it come up with Banora Point News Agency and I couldn't believe my eyes.

"I was very excited for the winner and I am very hopeful that it's someone local that's won it."

The agency cannot contact the winner and they have not been to visit in store yet.

"Because it is a lotto registered ticket, lotto NSW contact the winners," Mr Stubbs said.

Banora Point is proving to be lucky.

In the last six years it has had four wins over a million, including a $1.6million winning ticket in the Powerball.

While the Newsagency Warehouse at Banora central sold a $1million lotto ticket on Monday night.

"Hopefully lightening will strike a third time here on Saturday, when the $30million lotto is drawn," Mr Stubbs said.

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