$200,000 for Tweed fish habitat

THE NSW government has promised $200,000 in rehabilitation projects to improve fish habitats in the Tweed region.

Industry and Investment NSW announced the funding for the Cobaki and Terranora Broadwater’s on Monday.

Fisheries Conservation manager Charlotte Jenkins said the Fish Friendly Farms in the Tweed project would improve fish habitats, water quality and land management practices through extensive communication with local farmers.

“It will be a real boost to the health of the Tweed catchment,” Ms Jenkins said. “The Cobaki and Terranora Broadwater catchments have been recognised as sites with high-priority aquatic health issues through the Tweed Shire Council’s ecosystem health-monitoring program.

“Often due to poor communication, land managers may be implementing farming practices which could be having an impact on water quality, the health of the aquatic resources and local fisheries.”

Ms Jenkins said the project organisers were calling on hobby farmers and primary producers to work with them to address issues that may be impacting on the health of local waterways.

“This is the first time the program will focus on one catchment and will give the local community an opportunity to get involved in the health of their river and the future of its fish,” she said.

“Funding will be made available though the project for proactive land managers to carry out fish-friendly on-ground works such as river bank fencing, stream bank and gully erosion control, off-stream water and revegetation.”

The Fish Friendly Farms project has been implemented in various waterways across the state.

Plan to improve water quality and land management practices.

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