Best celebrity award moments of 2009

OK, let's be honest. Hollywood award ceremonies can sometimes be a little bit, well..... boring.

Yes they are filled with glamorous celebrities looking picture perfect in their extravagantly priced garb, but once everyone has schmoozed their way down the red carpet and the politically correct host has cracked a few jokes in the opening monologue, all that's left is a parade of 90 second thank yous for awards you never even knew existed.

So it's a darn good thing that occasionally there are 'special' moments to break up the boredom and really start people talking.

Take Kanye West for example. His impromptu entrance onto the stage at the MTV Video Awards will forever be engrained in the anneals of pop culture.

Or Ricky Gervais, who found that the best way to charm the American public is to basically call everyone ugly.

But then there are also the touching moments, like when Health Ledger's family accepted his Best Supporting Actor Oscar after he tragically died in January of 2008.

These moments are often more memorable than the names of the award winners themselves, and we thought they ought to get a mention on their own.

Click play to watch the year's best award ceremony moments.

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