$223,000 in flood funds for roads

MORE than $200,000 in road damage claims lodged by the Tweed Shire Council have been approved by the Roads and Traffic Authority.

A statement by the NSW Premier in January declared the Tweed shire a natural disaster zone due to widespread flooding, opening the doors for council to apply for funding.

A further $178,000 in non-roads damage is currently awaiting approval through the Department of Public Works.

A council spokeswoman said initial council estimates of the damage had been made and backed up by inspections.

“Council put in a claim in accordance with all the categories allowable,” she said.

“The RTA sent through a schedule of approved works once they'd considered council's claim.

“The claim for roads damage was $223,271.

“This is now approved and the works are being programmed.”

Non-roads damage, not specified by the council, cannot commence until the Department of Public Works approves the schedules.

The spokeswoman said the only exceptions were emergency works carried out within 21 days of the declaration.

The January flooding caused damage to culverts and bridges, scouring and slippages on some rural roads, and debris in the Tweed River.

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