Jury told to ignore note left where Daniel disappeared

A SUPREME Court justice has directed a jury to disregard a note a stranger left at the site of Daniel Morcombe's abduction at Woombye.

Justice Ros Atkinson said the note, which spoke of accused man Brett Peter Cowan's guilt, should not have been there and could not be considered evidence in the trial

The 15 jurors had travelled from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast to view the site where Mr Cowan told undercover police he dumped Daniel's remains and the Kiel Mountain overpass where Mr Cowan said he took Daniel from.

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"While you were at the scene under the overpass, you saw, as I warned you would, memorials to Daniel Morcombe and no doubt you would have found that very moving," Justice Atkinson said.

"Remember your task on the trial is to be objective and have regard only to the evidence led in court.

"What you saw at the various locations, including what you saw under the overpass, was not evidence but merely so you could see locations and understand better the evidence given in court.

"After you left the overpass, my attention was drawn to a note left by a stranger giving his opinion as to the defendant's guilt.

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"That should not have been there. It is not evidence. I tell you in the strongest possible terms to ignore it, to dismiss it from your consideration.

"Have regard only to the evidence and only the evidence called at the trial.

"You should not be influenced by the opinions of anyone else whether friends, families, strangers, media, anyone else at all.

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"It is your assessment of the evidence… you are the sole objective judges of the facts."

The jury then left the courtroom so Justice Atkinson could have legal argument with the prosecution and defence teams in the trial.

The trial is expected to continue on today.

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