Noisy neighbours a common headache

NOISE problems are one of the most common causes of neighbourhood disputes, and the Tweed is no exception, a NSW study shows.

Every year the NSW Government receives more than 100 noise complaints,

But there are far more people out there unhappy about noise. Most incidents go unreported because residents don’t know what to do.

A study done into common neighbourhood complaints showed that well over half of people living in the suburbs were affected by neighbourhood noise.

Loud music and barking dogs rated high in all suburbs, with residents of the Tweed and surrounding areas complaining most about noisy traffic and music.

South Tweed resident Marie Hale-Cohen says that while she lives in a generally quiet neighbourhood, she finds her neighbours’ music irritating.

“I have uni students for neighbours and they love to party – sometimes it will be past 2am and they’ll still be going.”

Despite this, Ms Hale-Cohen hasn’t called the police.

“I’m not exactly sure at what time they’re supposed to turn off the music or what my rights are,” she explained.

Ms Hale-Cohen’s problem is not uncommon with only 15 per cent of people knowing exactly what the noise restrictions are.

Loud music can only be played between the hours of 8am and 10pm Sunday-Thursday, and between 8am and midnight on Fridays, Saturdays and days preceding public holidays.

Barking dogs and loud cars are also subject to noise restrictions at all times, with noise control orders and noise abatement directions able to be issued by council and police.

Residents can call the Police Assistance Line on 131 444 or their local station if they have noise trouble.

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