Several cast members from Draculas' new production Vampirates.
Several cast members from Draculas' new production Vampirates. - Supplied

Vampirates set to shock Coast

FOR just on three decades Dracula's has been producing its unique brand of comedy cabaret shows.

In fact, 32 productions have put a spin on the vampire theme, from the Beasts of Burlesque to Blood Lust and Cyber Ghost. Each production gets bigger, the costumes get smaller and the queue of excited patrons gets longer.

This year they promise to blast all previous productions out of the water as they launch their new “thrillertainment” - Vampirates.

Produced by the Newman family, Dracula's new show takes the plunge into the high-camp world of Vampire Pirates in this fast-paced comedy voyage of the damned. The costumes are lavish, the comedy is jet black and the acts are a feast for the senses - all set to a rockin' song list that will have you stomping your peg leg.

Prepare yourself for mind-bending optical illusions, fleshy comedy, loads of puppets, mime, magic and rock music productions that “Aaarrrrr amazing!”

Vampirates, featuring every talented member of the current cast including their live jazz trio, serve up a fast paced swashbuckling screamfest with a side order of insanity.

The show highlights include the spectacular ghost ship opening, where the ship's figurehead springs to life and the auditorium transforms into a nefarious pirate cavern.

There is also a mind-bending optical illusion created when they act out a scene from the vampire flick Van Helsing, performed horizontally using flying wires.

Throw into the mix life-size dancing skeletons, fluorescent deep-sea monsters, a fetish mermaid and massive human bone chandeliers and you start to realize that this is one production that's big on budget and big on bizarre.

Vampirates is now on and is the first new show to open since Dracula's spectacular $5 million revamp. Advance booking is recommended.

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