A call to support marriage equality

Tweed councillors Reece Byrnes, Chris Cherry, Mayor Katie Milne and Ron Cooper are supporting the Yes campaign for same-sex marriage.
Tweed councillors Reece Byrnes, Chris Cherry, Mayor Katie Milne and Ron Cooper are supporting the Yes campaign for same-sex marriage. Aisling Brennan

MAYORAL MESSAGE with Katie Milne

AN URGENT reminder that the marriage equality survey is required to arrive at its destination by November 7. If you haven't sent it yet you should express post it ASAP to get it there on time.

Some people have questioned why the council chose to make a stand on this issue, or wonder if they should bother as it doesn't affect them.

A grim statistic is that young people in the LGBTQIAPD+ community take their own lives five times more frequently than other young people.

That terrible statistic should be a call to action for everyone. For most of us we have the luxury of this debate just being a philosophical or religious question.

For these young people the matter of full acceptance and recognition in society can be a life and death issue.

Marriage equality is one really significant way to let these young people know they are totally okay in every single way, and have our love and support.

We all love the incredibly diverse natural environment of this shire. This abundant natural diversity is what makes this place so special on the world stage, so why shouldn't it be the same with diversity for humans?

Diversity is a natural phenomenon and a very good sign of a mature, healthy and thriving environment. Plant and animal species do all sorts of interesting things in regards to sexuality. If humans do the same, that's no reason to deprive them of marriage rights. Surely our human diversity is just part of this huge natural diversity.

It seems we can as much impose a narrow perception on human love and sexuality as we could on nature. It's the narrow attitude that appears to be the unnatural one.

Our councillor event last Friday showing Priscilla, Queen of the Desert to support the Yes vote and the LGBTQIAPD+ community was an inspiring reminder of how fabulous this human diversity can be. There was a beautiful crowd on the night and more than $1200 was raised in donations for Headspace at Tweed, a youth mental health service.

The inaugural Diversity Walk on Saturday was a great success, too. It was empowering to close off the street for this moment and march together in full colours. Please ensure you have posted your survey or remind your friends.

You could make a world of difference to so many people, and create a much happier, more loving Australia. Who couldn't want that?

  • Mayor Katie Milne contributes a monthly column for the Tweed Daily News. Write to her at KMilne@tweed. or letters@

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