John Paul College Year 12 student Isaac Vorreiter has won a place at an international science fair.
John Paul College Year 12 student Isaac Vorreiter has won a place at an international science fair.

Young Aussie Einstein takes the science world by storm

A THIRST for knowledge and a passion for science has enabled Year 12 student Isaac Vorreiter of John Paul College to be selected to attend the International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF) held in July.

Isaac was an active and effective participant in the National Youth Science Forum, a 12 day residential program run in both Canberra and Perth, in January of this year.

To be selected for the NYSF, Isaac competed for selection for one of 432 places with some 2,000 other applicants from all parts of the country, each identified as a top science student at their school.

At the January Forum Isaac demonstrated exceptional levels of interest, capacity and potential in fields of science, and also strong interpersonal, teamwork, inquiry, communication and potential leadership skills.

That Isaac has then sought, and been selected, to represent Australian youth science at this prestigious international event is a great credit to the student, their family, their great school and their whole community.

"A chance to attend LIYSF is incredible!" Isaac said.

"Before I attended the NYSF, which opened so many new perspectives and options for me, I could not have dreamed of being a part of this amazing opportunity."

"In the next couple of years I will be making some career-shaping decisions, so to have the chance to experience cutting edge science at an international level is a fantastic springboard into the future."

The time in London will provide a real understanding of science in action on a global scale.

Participants also have a unique opportunity not only to network with peers and leading scientists from all over the world, but also to travel and build inter-cultural awareness, on their own initiative.

"Most top scientists I have met are well-travelled, with a first hand appreciation of different cultures," NYSF Director Geoff Burchfield said.

"Travel seems to enrich people's lives profoundly, and to give them an edge professionally.'

Before jetting off, Isaac must take on the difficult task of fundraising $10,000 to cover costs.

So any sponsorship or donations from local businesses and Rotary Clubs are deeply appreciated by Isaac and his family.

This once in a lifetime opportunity has further inspired Isaac toward future success in Year 12 and University studies.

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