A vision for graffiti art in Tweed: Share your hot spot

Graffiti artist Mike Huggett wants more graffiti wall.
Graffiti artist Mike Huggett wants more graffiti wall. John Gass

- This story is part of the campaign to Clean up our Streets.

GRAFFITI is a word usually associated with crime and vandalism, but graffiti artist Mike Huggett wants to educate people about the art behind the spray can.

Mr Huggett believes if council and business got behind graffiti art and supplied more art walls it could really beautify the area.

"The word vandalism and graffiti are thrown around very closely and I don't think people understand the difference, graffiti is an art form that originated from New York and is the art of letters, and vandalism is malicious damage or defacing property, just like someone that throws a rock through a window."

Mr Huggett said Tweed shire had some great artists of all kinds and graffiti artists were no different, they just needed a place the show their talents.

The word vandalism and graffiti are thrown around very closely and I don't think people understand the difference, graffiti is an art form that originated from New York.

"There are kids out there that are disadvantaged by not having space to do graffiti or street art," he said.

"It would be for local council to get involved with grants to help people like myself and get involved with workshops to teach our kids and look at the positive side of the art."

The history of graffiti started in New York City in the 1970's, artists would give themselves aliases.

They would write that on the trains that would go from one end of the city to the other.

People would see the tags and at the other end people would retaliate with their tags so it would become a battle

Graffiti artist Mike Huggett wants more graffiti wall.
Graffiti artist Mike Huggett wants more graffiti wall. John Gass

between crews or areas.

There are three different types of graffiti:

Tag is a single line with a word written

Throw up is bubbled outline of a word

Piece is a masterpiece a full coloured word

"Some big and small businesses around the world use graffiti in their signage or to decorate a side of their building and that could be used here."

Melbourne City Council has earmarked specific city lane ways with street art permits.

It is now recognised globally as one of the top street art capitals.

Not only will you find urban art down these lane ways, you will also come across great bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs, shops and galleries, some of which appear from under the art and all add to the pulse of these hidden spaces.

So the opportunity exists for our graffiti youth to have a space for their art and businesses to take advantage of the art for economic development.

- Where are the tagging hot spots in the Tweed? Leave your comments below.

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