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Aboriginal dance group Jaran to perform in Hawaii

JARAN, an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance Company, is off to perform in Hawaii on Monday.

The talented dance group, well known for its performances at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary's Yanguwah show, is being recognised for professional, educational and entertaining performances of indigenous dance.

The troupe will perform with the Arthur Beetson Foundation Murri Queensland Tour of Hawaii from October 23 to 30.

At the Arthur Beetson tour the Queensland indigenous football team will play against the United States national rugby league team, nicknamed the Tomahawks.

Artistic director Graham Blanco said he was trilled to have this opportunity for the group.

"We are humbled by this invitation," he said.

"We are excited to showcase both Indigenous cultures throughout Hawaii and honoured to open the game.

"We believe this is an invaluable opportunity for Jaran to not only promote Indigenous tourism on the Gold Coast but to also give our young dancers the opportunity to showcase their skill set, professionalism, dedication and passion in preserving our Indigenous culture."

Mr Blanco's wife Lorraine is also involved with the dancers.

She is a Torres Strait Islander woman who left a career in law to help her expand the dance troupe which kicked off about six years go.

"Most of our dancers are 15 to 22 years old," she said.

"Six performers are going over and some elders are going too for support for the younger people.

"We're over the moon and can't believe it's actually happening."

The training schedule has been hard work though, from their nightly shows at Currumbin the performers come straight to training for the Hawaii trip.

"They (the dancers) are so professional," she said.

"You can really feel the energy."

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