Australian litter to reach its peak this week

AUSTRALIANS are being reminded the holiday season is not a licence to litter.

Keep Australia Beautiful chairman Bob Thomas said the holiday season was traditionally Australia's biggest littering time with millions of tonnes of extra rubbish hitting the nation's streets, parks and beaches.

"We expect the amount of litter across the country will reach an all-time peak this week with the main culprits being cigarette butts, empty food containers and water bottles," Mr Thomas said.

"We all have to take personal responsibility for our behaviour.

"Littering is a deliberate wilful act and is another form of vandalism."

Mr Thomas said now was the perfect time for Australians to make the extra effort to clean up.

"The increase in litter is attributable to a surge of outdoor activities and the predictable increase in rubbish which come with the holidays."

The Keep Australia Beautiful National Litter Index ranked Queensland and New South Wales as two of the worst states for littering.

Victoria and the Northern Territory were the tidiest according to the index.

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