Doreen Wendt-Weir says having an active sexual relationship in your seventies is completely normal.
Doreen Wendt-Weir says having an active sexual relationship in your seventies is completely normal. Tweed Daily News

Age no reason to stay out of bed

CHINDERAH couple Peter Fielding and Gwen Michie, both 70, are not afraid to admit they have a very healthy sex life.

The unabashed couple were among other curious seniors yesterday who attended Sex in Your Seventies talks at Tweed Heads and Murwillumbah libraries as part of Seniors Week.

Mr Fielding and Ms Michie are neighbours but visit one another often.

“I've been a widower for nine years and I still can't do sleepovers, but we do things during the day,” he said.

Ms Michie said: “We don't know if other people do what we do, we're here to find out.”

Mr Fielding was looking forward to hearing things from a woman's perspective.

“I'm also interested to see what other people do.”

Mr Fielding believed the secret of successful relationships is having fun together.

“From 4pm to 6pm every day we sit together in the nude and discuss our days,” he revealed.

“We just sit around and enjoy life. I believe youth is wasted on the young.”

According to Sex in Your Seventies author Doreen Wendt-Weir, Mr Fielding and Ms Michie's relationship is completely normal.

The Mount Tamborine resident said just because you get older does not mean you should stop having sex.

“I try to make people realise how important it is to like each other and feel each other,” Ms Wendt-Weir said.

As an 80-year-old herself, she said people often ask her a range of hot questions.

“They say 'Is it the same?', 'What do you feel?' and I have to say you feel exactly the same. We have a good laugh.”

Ms Wendt-Weir yesterday spoke about her “tell-all” book.

“We talked about what to do with your false teeth, how difficult it is to bare an ageing body to a younger man, the church's influence on marriage, having two women in your life, being a gay man, an 80-year-old virgin, and curing a cross-dressing husband.”

The facts

Although both male and female libidos decline with age, the desire for sex is not lost completely. However, there are limitations.

Social stigma

Sex between elderly people is often treated as a taboo by society. While sex itself is a sensitive topic due to its private nature, sex between seniors is often treated with extra care.

This attitude is especially common among younger people and it has been suggested that this may be caused by younger people's belief that the lust and ability to have sex diminishes once the primary reason for sex is no longer present.


Arthritis may cause pain and discomfort when having sex. This can be relieved with pain relievers, changing positions, resting and staying fit.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain due to other age-related health issues may also be a limiting factor, but again this can be treated with drugs.


Diabetes is known to be a potential cause of impotence among men. This can, as discussed elsewhere in the article, be treated medically.

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